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ST8806 : Blandford Forum, dismantled railway bridge by Mike Faherty
ST8908 : Sunrise Business Park by Nigel Mykura
ST8905 : Langton Long, South Lodge by Mike Faherty
ST9004 : St. Mary, Charlton Marshall: churchyard (8) by Basher Eyre
ST8806 : The Railway Hotel in Blandford Forum by Jonathan Hutchins
ST8807 : Industrial Estate by Marilyn Peddle
ST8905 : Walled garden, Old Rectory by John Palmer
ST8806 : Blandford Forum, trailway by Mike Faherty
ST8707 : Waterlogged fields by the River Stour by Nigel Mykura
ST8806 : Remains of Somerset and Dorset railway bridge over River Stour by Jonathan Hutchins
ST8707 : Bryanston School by Ben Brooksbank
ST8806 : River Mews, Blandford Forum, Dorset by Christine Matthews
ST8806 : Blandford Forum, bagpiper by Mike Faherty
ST9006 : Langton Long Blandford, B3082 by Mike Faherty
ST8704 : End of the track by Simon Scurr
ST8907 : Milestone, Blandford Forum by Maigheach-gheal
ST8708 : Norton Lane by Marilyn Peddle
ST8806 : Road to Blandford Forum, Dorset by Christine Matthews
ST8905 : Tower detail, All Saints Church, Langton Long by Maigheach-gheal
ST8706 : Dwellings in Bryanston Village by John Lamper
ST8907 : Footbridge over A350, Blandford Forum by-pass by David Smith
ST8905 : The "main road" through Blandford St Mary:  by Basher Eyre
ST8706 : Bryanston: postbox № DT11 50 by Chris Downer
ST8906 : Blandford Forum by-pass dropping into valley of River Stour by David Smith
ST8605 : Fair Mile Plantation by Nigel Mykura
ST8805 : Tesco car park and store, Blandford St Mary by Jim Champion
ST9007 : Black Lane by Derek Harper
ST8806 : Fire Monument Plaque - Blandford Forum by Charles Drown
ST9005 : Langton Long, sheep grazing by Mike Faherty
ST8807 : Milldown Common at dusk by Nigel Freeman
ST8806 : Church of SS Peter & Paul - tower door by Stephen Craven
ST8607 : Bryanston School: Greek Theatre by Ben Brooksbank
ST8704 : Milestone, A354 by Maigheach-gheal
ST8805 : Blandford St Mary, path by Mike Faherty
ST9007 : Langton Lodge Farm drive by Derek Harper
ST8905 : St Mary, Blandford St Mary: from the east by Basher Eyre
ST9008 : A354 into Blandford Forum by Toby
ST8704 : A354 towards Dorchester by Robin Webster
ST8805 : River Stour, Blandford Forum by andrew auger
ST8807 : Path through the trees by andrew auger
ST9008 : Barley near Pimperne by Derek Harper
ST8604 : Sunny morning on the Inside Park campsite by Eleanor Oakley
ST8907 : Blandford Cemetery, late May 2013 (d) by Basher Eyre
ST8806 : Fire Monument at Blandford by Alan Longbottom
ST8905 : Langton Long, All Saints by Mike Faherty
ST8605 : House at Old Warren by Marilyn Peddle
ST9007 : Poppies near  Snows Down by Derek Harper
ST8705 : Horses with Jackets by Simon Scurr
ST8905 : Blandford St. Mary: parish church of St. Mary by Chris Downer
ST8805 : Gateway to Bryanston School by andrew auger
ST8806 : The Market Place, Blandford Forum by John Lamper
ST8806 : The Church of St Peter and St Paul, Blandford Forum by Maigheach-gheal
ST8806 : Former Safeway store, Blandford Forum by John Lamper
ST8805 : Gateway to Bryanston School by John Lamper
ST8806 : Church of St Peter and St Paul, Blandford Forum by Chris Hayles
ST8904 : Charlton Marshall Halt by David Griffiths
ST8908 : Sunrise Business Park by Derek Harper

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