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SK4968 : Harvest time at Scarcliffe by Andy Stephenson
SK4969 : Fields and  a cottage, Scarcliffe by Peter Barr
SK4968 : Approaching Langwith Wood by John Slater
SK4570 : Field west of the reserves by Andrew Hill
SK4768 : Palterton Primary School by Neil Theasby
SK4670 : New Bolsover primary school by Andrew Hill
SK4569 : The ruins of Lodge Farm by Neil Theasby
SK4770 : Bolsover Castle, The Lantern by David Dixon
SK4670 : Uphill view to Bolsover Castle by Andrew Hill
SK4571 : Tanker blocking off one of the many entrances to the former Coalite plant by Steve  Fareham
SK4770 : Bolsover - shops on Castle Street by Dave Bevis
SK4870 : Marlpit Lane leaving Bolsover by Andrew Hill
SK4668 : Field and trees below Palterton by Andrew Hill
SK4870 : Bolsover Hospital, Marlpit Lane by Peter Barr
SK4770 : Indoor Riding School, Bolsover Castle by David Dixon
SK4569 : After the snow.... the thaw and the flood by Andrew Hill
SK4571 : Roundabout ahead by roger geach
SK4968 : Houses on Main Street, Scarcliffe by Andrew Hill
SK4571 : Coalite Smokeless Fuel plant by Chris Allen
SK4670 : New Bolsover by Chris Morgan
SK4670 : Nature reserve under snow by Andrew Hill
SK4768 : Lane and wall at the top of the hill, Palterton by Andrew Hill
SK4870 : Bolsover - Horsehead Lane by Gordon Elliott
SK4868 : Power lines near Scarcliffe by Andrew Abbott
SK4770 : Bolsover Castle by Chris Gunns
SK4968 : St Leonard's Church, Scarcliffe by Andy Stephenson
SK4669 : Stockley trail, looking south by Andrew Hill
SK4768 : Large field east of Palterton by Andrew Hill
SK4670 : Houses facing the green, New Bolsover by Humphrey Bolton
SK4672 : Adin Avenue, Shuttlewood by Andrew Hill
SK4869 : St Lawrence Avenue, Bolsover by Peter Barr
SK4670 : New Bolsover from castle viewpoint by Chris Gunns
SK4768 : Palterton - Hill Top Farm by Alan Heardman
SK4572 : Ex site of Markham Colliery by Andrew Jervis
SK4770 : Bolsover Cenotaph by Gordon Griffiths
SK4969 : Arable field north of Langwith Road - near Bolsover by Neil Theasby
SK4671 : Lane to Bolsover by Michael Patterson
SK4968 : Scarcliffe - Main Street No 25 by Dave Bevis
SK4570 : Footpath in the Peter Fidler reserve by Andrew Hill
SK4770 : "The Cavendish" in the centre of Bolsover by Neil Theasby
SK4571 : Coalite Works, Gate No. 5 by Peter Barr
SK4968 : Footpath View in direction of Langwith Wood by Alan Heardman
SK4770 : Bolsover Methodist Church by Chris Morgan
SK4570 : The Old Flash and fields towards Sutton Scarsdale by Andrew Hill
SK4670 : Bolsover Mine by roger geach
SK4768 : Rylah Hill by JThomas
SK4968 : St Leonard's Church at Scarcliffe by Trevor Rickard
SK4668 : The Stockley Trail by Jonathan Clitheroe
SK4968 : Old barn and cottage by Peter Barr
SK4971 : Lane towards Whaley by Andrew Hill
SK4571 : Coalite Chemicals by Chris Allen
SK4770 : Bolsover Castle by Stephen G Taylor
SK4670 : New Bolsover model village by Philip Thompson
SK4670 : Bolsover South Station (converted) by Ben Brooksbank
SK4971 : The Works by Michael Patterson
SK4571 : Coal from Bolsover departs past the Coalite Works by roger geach
SK4569 : Lodge farm by Philip Thompson
SK4568 : Deepdale farm by Philip Thompson

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