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NY1701 : Orange Hill Cottages, Boot by N Chadwick
NY1700 : Dalegarth Station by Peter Trimming
NY1803 : Derelict Hut on Eller Howe. by Steve Partridge
SD1799 : Stanley Force by Peter Bond
NY1700 : River Esk pulling out of Dalegarth station by David P Howard
SD1999 : Traces of old peat road under Kepple Crag by Tom Richardson
NY1800 : View in the Eskdale Valley, Cumbria by Peter Trimming
NY1700 : 'River Mite' by Peter Trimming
NY1804 : View Towards Burnmoor Tarn by Peter Trimming
SD1799 : Stanley Force, Eskdale, Cumbria by Peter Trimming
NY1904 : Raven Crag/Black Apron. by Steve Partridge
NY1600 : Beckfoot R&ER railway station, Cumbria by Nigel Thompson
NY1700 : View Towards Dalegarth by Peter Trimming
NY1900 : The Woolpack Inn by Alexander P Kapp
NY1700 : The Brook House Inn by Bill Boaden
SD1899 : Stone group south of Great Arming How by Michael Green
NY1604 : Illgill Head summit by Shaun Ferguson
NY1804 : Burnmoor Tarn by Peter Trimming
SD2099 : Spothow Gill by Michael Graham
SD1799 : Footbridge above Waterfall walk by William Bartlett
NY1800 : A sheep grazing in Eskdale by N Chadwick
NY1804 : Burnmoor Tarn by Michael Graham
NY1702 : Stone Circle by Michael Graham
NY1702 : Grouse butt on Brat's Moss by Karl and Ali
NY1701 : Ruins at Boot, Cumbria by Peter Trimming
NY1703 : The River Mite and the Head of Mitredale by Rob Noble
NY2000 : Spothow Gill by Michael Graham
NY1600 : Dalegarth Hall by Richard Cooke
NY1502 : Footbridge beside Bakersteads Outdoor Pursuit Centre by Tom Richardson
NY1702 : Small moorland stream by N Chadwick
NY1900 : Penny Hill Farm by Michael Graham
NY1902 : Stoney Tarn by David Brown
NY1700 : Esk View near Boot by N Chadwick
NY1804 : Bulatt Bridge by Peter Trimming
NY1602 : Old Gateway in Miterdale. by Steve Partridge
NY1900 : Looking over Eskdale by Michael Graham
NY2002 : Stony Tarn by Trevor Littlewood
NY1800 : Sheep and lamb by N Chadwick
NY1900 : Herdwick by Michael Graham
NY1700 : Dalegarth Station with train about to depart by David Martin
NY1604 : Minor embedded rocks at summit of Illgill Head by Trevor Littlewood
NY1700 : Between Beckfoot and Dalegarth by Chris Heaton
NY1804 : Burnmoor Tarn by Mick Garratt
NY1904 : Small Marsh on Eskdale Fell. by Steve Partridge
NY2001 : Sheep above Taw House by Michael Graham
NY1700 : Ford and footbridge, Stanley Ghyll Beck by Karl and Ali
NY1502 : Bakerstead, Miterdale by Karl and Ali
NY1701 : Eskdale Mill, Boot by Chris Allen
SD1899 : Birker Force by Michael Graham
NY1604 : The face of Illgill Head by Tom Richardson
SD1799 : Stone barn, Whincop by Rob Noble
NY1804 : Burnmoor Lodge and Tarn, Cumbria by Roger  Kidd
NY1701 : Bridge over the river and Eskdale Mill: Boot by Pam Brophy
SD1899 : Birker Force by Malcolm Jones
NY1700 : Dalegarth Station, Eskdale by N Chadwick
NY1701 : Eskdale Mill, Boot by Jim Woodward-Nutt
SD1799 : Stanley Force. by Steve Partridge
NY1600 : Dalegarth Hall, Eskdale. by Steve Partridge

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