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SH7618 : Brithdir in Bloom by Anonymous
SH7617 : Road improvements on the A470 by Dave Croker
SH7816 : Llwybr mynydd  / A mountain path by Ceri Thomas
SH7717 : Cae'r-tyddyn - 2013 by Helmut Zozmann
SH7919 : Woodland footpath by liz dawson
SH7917 : Gated track by the A470 by Anthony Parkes
SH7618 : Welsh Black Cattle by liz dawson
SH7719 : Llwyn-yr-Helm Caravan Park by Eirian Evans
SH7617 : New section of A470 under construction near Brithdir by Steve  Fareham
SH7917 : North Wales WWII defences: Bwlch Oerddrws - anti-tank blocks (2) by Mike Searle
SH7817 : From the A470 across bog and fields to the mountains by Mick Malpass
SH7917 : Tank Traps. by Hefin Richards
SH7720 : Minor road by Coed Garw by Eric Jones
SH7620 : House by the A494 by Anthony Parkes
SH7519 : Pine tree in grounds of Dolserau Hall hotel by liz dawson
SH7518 : Roadworks on the A470 by Anthony Parkes
SH7720 : Attempting to control the bracken menace at Cae Gwyn by spraying Asulox herbicide by Eric Jones
SH7718 : Phonebox and pillar box,  Brithdir by liz dawson
SH7817 : Cae'r Tyddyn from A470 by John Firth
SH7719 : Heading towards Brithdir on the B4416 after leaving the A494 by Steve  Fareham
SH7717 : Cae'r-tyddyn - 2013 by Helmut Zozmann
SH7917 : A470 between Dinas Mawddwy and Dolgellau by Philip Halling
SH7718 : Roman Road entering Brithdir by liz dawson
SH7618 : St Mark's Church by Roger W Haworth
SH7819 : Forest track by liz dawson
SH7815 : Below Waen Oer by Chris Andrews
SH7817 : Farm buildings at Cae'r-tyddyn on the A470 by Mick Malpass
SH7617 : Another irregular roof by liz dawson
SH7619 : House by A494 by John Firth
SH7618 : Gate to Churchyard Brithdir Independent Chapel by liz dawson
SH7817 : The Cadair Idris range by Philip Halling
SH7819 : Converted Barn by liz dawson
SH7820 : The A494 towards Dolgellau by Anthony Parkes
SH7916 : Grassy ridge rising by Trevor Littlewood
SH7815 : Fence line through rushes by Trevor Littlewood
SH7917 : A470 crossing Bwlch Oerddrws by John Firth
SH7519 : Phone mast near Dolserau Hall by liz dawson
SH7720 : Dolgamedd Campsite near Dolgellau by David Medcalf
SH7817 : Cadair Idris range by Philip Halling
SH7720 : Cae Gwyn - built in the distinctive Nannau Estate style by Eric Jones
SH7819 : View north west from Helygog by liz dawson
SH7717 : Cadair Idris from the A470 by Ian Paterson
SH7818 : Track with sheep by liz dawson
SH7519 : Ruin beside minor road near Dolgellau by Trevor Littlewood
SH7519 : Friendly Horse by liz dawson
SH7618 : Meithrinfa Seren Fach by Roger W Haworth
SH7718 : Henblas, Brithdir by Eirian Evans
SH7819 : Gate and track by liz dawson
SH7518 : Falls on Afon Clywedog by John Winder
SH7720 : Ivy-clad Cae Gwyn cottage by Eric Jones
SH7617 : Walls around Caerynwch Estate by liz dawson
SH7815 : Descent from Cribin Fawr towards Waun-oer by Barry Hunter
SH7917 : Bwlch Oerddrws tank traps by Medwyn Parry
SH7518 : Brithdir: Dolgun Blast Furnace by Martin Bodman
SH7716 : A470 road by Roger W Haworth
SH7519 : Dolserau Uchaf campsite by liz dawson
SH7720 : Bontnewydd Station by Ben Brooksbank

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