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SD3097 : Sign for The Sun, Coniston by Karl and Ali
SD3197 : Jacob Sheep by DS Pugh
SD3097 : Yewdale Road, Coniston by Graham Robson
SD3097 : The rear of the Crown Hotel in June 2000 by Ruth Riddle
SD3197 : Towards the Old Man of Coniston by Peter Church
SD3097 : Raised Pavement by Chris McAuley
SD3197 : Seat on National Trust Land at the head of Coniston Water by Michael Steele
SD3097 : Coniston Water from Cat Bank by Dr Neil Clifton
SD3197 : Coniston Water from the north end by Christopher Hilton
SD3197 : Coniston: the landing stage of the Waterhead Hotel... by Keith Salvesen
SD3097 : Coniston, St Andrew's Church, Door showing 1GL Bolt by thejackrustles
SD3097 : Reverse of John Ruskin's Grave by David Long
SD3097 : SY Gondola, Coniston Water by Richard Sutcliffe
SD3097 : Cross road by Chris McAuley
SD3197 : Coniston Old Man from the east by Christopher Hilton
SD3097 : Katrina on Coniston by Ceri Thomas
SD3097 : St Andrew, Coniston:banner (ii) by Basher Eyre
SD3097 : St Andrew, Coniston:memorial (i) by Basher Eyre
SD3097 : Coniston Water by Shaun Ferguson
SD3097 : St Andrew, Coniston:memorial (viii) by Basher Eyre
SD3097 : Coniston War Memorial by Jeff Buck
SD3097 : Lane leading to Coppermines Valley by Karl and Ali
SD3197 : The Gondola on Coniston Water by Darrin Antrobus
SD3097 : Cottage in Coniston by Philip Barker
SD3097 : Yewdale Road by DS Pugh
SD3197 : View From Atkinson Ground, Cumbria by Peter Trimming
SD3097 : Church Beck from Lake Road bridge by Jo Turner
SD3097 : Yewdale Beck, from the 505 bus on the B5285 by David Long
SD3097 : Watering can be time consuming by Jonathan Billinger
SD3197 : Fields at the top of Coniston Water by DS Pugh
SD3097 : Sheep pasture near Coniston by Kate Jewell
SD3197 : Looking towards Bank Ground Farm and Coniston Water from Lanehead by David Gearing
SD3097 : Path beside the B5285 by DS Pugh
SD3197 : Coniston Water by Mick Garratt
SD3097 : Yewdale Bridge Benchmark, Coniston by Becky Williamson
SD3097 : Cottages at Cat Bank, Coniston by Peter Barr
SD3197 : Bridleway to Grizedale Forest by David Robinson
SD3097 : The Ruskin Museum, Coniston by Jeff Buck
SD3197 : Yewdale Beck entering Coniston Water by David Martin
SD3097 : Old Village Signpost by the A593, Coniston Parish by Milestone Society
SD3197 : Coniston Water from Monk Coniston by Mike White
SD3097 : Barclays Bank by Michael Steele
SD3197 : Coniston Water by Nigel Corby
SD3197 : Road Junction Near Coniston by Peter Trimming
SD3097 : Fells over Coniston by DS Pugh
SD3197 : Wave breaking on edge of Coniston Water, Cumbria by Christine Matthews
SD3097 : Wall below High Guards by David Smith
SD3097 : Meadows below Long Crag by Chris Heaton
SD3097 : Shepherd's Bridge Lane, Coniston by Peter Trimming
SD3197 : OS Flush Bracket S1099 Coniston, Waterhead by thejackrustles
SD3097 : Memorial to Donald Campbell by Nick Barker
SD3097 : Church Beck from the bridge in the centre of Coniston by David Long
SD3197 : Coniston:Waterhead Pier, with Pier Cottage by Keith Salvesen
SD3097 : Chapel Bank House, Coniston by Graham
SD3097 : Bramble Cottage, Coniston by Graham
SD3097 : In Search of Donald Campbell (6) by Peter Trimming
SD3097 : Coniston railway station (site), Cumbria by Nigel Thompson

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