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M9458 : Road near Galey by Peter Wood
M9457 : Gorse on the N61. by Brian Shaw
M9358 : National School - Knockcroghery by John M
M9358 : Catholic Church, Knockcroghery. by Brian Shaw
M9457 : Knockcroghery Station (remains) by Ben Brooksbank
M9260 : Rail crossing on L1806 by Darrin Antrobus
M9457 : Held up by a slow freight train by John M
M9160 : Athlone Laboratories factory by John M
M9459 : Lane to Galey Bay by Peter Wood
M9360 : Quick peek by Ian Paterson
M9359 : Rock face and treatment works by Ian Paterson
M9458 : Field to the north of Dún Ard by Ian Paterson
M9457 : Signal Box in Knockcroghery by Sarah777
M9457 : Former station at Knockcroghery by John M

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