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NZ3520 : Farmland, Hambleton View by JThomas
NZ3522 : Entering Darlington on Bleach House Bank (road) by Ian S
NZ3521 : Farmland, Sundial Farm by JThomas
NZ3421 : Drive to Broad Lea Farm by peter robinson
NZ3520 : Hambledon View Farm, Little Stainton by Oliver Dixon
NZ3522 : Minor road heading north by JThomas
NZ3520 : Road bridge over Little Stainton Beck by peter robinson
NZ3521 : Minor road towards Great Stainton by JThomas
NZ3520 : Folly Bank towards Little Stainton by JThomas
NZ3520 : Farmhouse at Newstead Farm by peter robinson
NZ3522 : West Farm Lake, Stillington by Oliver Dixon
NZ3521 : Entrance to New Sundial Farm by peter robinson
NZ3421 : Farmland, Woogra Farm by JThomas
NZ3421 : Minor road towards Great Stainton by JThomas
NZ3522 : Farmland near Round Hill by JThomas
NZ3522 : Crossroads :  Looking east  towards Stillington Bridge by Hugh Mortimer
NZ3521 : Field beside the Bishopton to Mordon road by Oliver Dixon
NZ3421 : Track to Broad Lea by Mick Garratt
NZ3521 : Coal Bank :  Bishopton by Hugh Mortimer
NZ3522 : Minor Road leading to Bishopton by Ian S
NZ3521 : Entering Darlington from County Durham by Ian S
NZ3522 : Entering Darlington by Ian S
NZ3520 : Newstend Farm, Little Stainton by Ian S
NZ3520 : Barn near Newstend Farm, Little Stainton by Ian S

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