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SK8354 : Detail of Stained glass window, All Saints' church, Coddington by J.Hannan-Briggs
SK8354 : All Saints Church at Coddington by Peter Wood
SK8555 : Path through Stapleford Wood by JThomas
SK8454 : A17 towards Sleaford by JThomas
SK8254 : A1 northbound near Coddington by Julian P Guffogg
SK8354 : Ordnance Survey Flush Bracket S0634 by Peter Wood
SK8355 : Eastbound on the A17 near to Coddington by David Dixon
SK8555 : Stapleford Wood by JThomas
SK8355 : Drove Cottage Farm by JThomas
SK8254 : A1 Southbound near Coddington by David Dixon
SK8353 : Coddington windmill by Jonathan Thacker
SK8355 : A17 westbound by Alex McGregor
SK8254 : Overbridge near Newark, A1 by N Chadwick
SK8555 : Felled section of Stapleford Wood by Trevor Rickard
SK8454 : Stapleford Lane by Andrew Tatlow
SK8354 : Cottage, Coddington by JThomas
SK8455 : Stapleford Woods by Richard Croft
SK8354 : All Saints Church by Roger Templeman
SK8555 : Stapleford Lane by Trevor Rickard
SK8255 : A17 looking Eastwards by Andrew Tatlow
SK8454 : Roundabout at Coddington Moor by John Firth
SK8255 : Track across former airfield by Andrew Tatlow
SK8355 : Farmland off Drove Lane by JThomas
SK8254 : Footpath and Lily Lane housing by Jonathan Thacker
SK8455 : Track into Stapleford Wood by Andrew Tatlow
SK8354 : A17 at power line crossing east of Drove Lane by John Firth
SK8254 : Field entrance off Beacon Hill Road by JThomas
SK8354 : Rose Vale Farm by Jonathan Thacker
SK8254 : Large Oak by David Lally
SK8454 : Ploughed field by Andrew Tatlow
SK8454 : A17 nears Coddington Moor roundabout by Colin Pyle
SK8354 : Stained glass window, All Saints' church by Julian P Guffogg
SK8353 : Coddington Mill by Richard Croft
SK8254 : A1 northbound by JThomas
SK8455 : Stapleford Lane by Andrew Tatlow
SK8254 : A1 northbound by Robin Webster
SK8354 : The former National School by Jonathan Thacker
SK8354 : Grave of Constance Penswick Smith, Coddington church by Julian P Guffogg
SK8353 : Hill Farm. by gary radford
SK8254 : Beckingham Road towards Coddington by Andrew Tatlow
SK8454 : A17 lay-by by Alex McGregor
SK8555 : County Boundary in the Trees by Michael Patterson
SK8353 : The east end of Clay Lane by Jonathan Thacker
SK8455 : Gothic Aisle by Jonathan Thacker
SK8354 : Village Sign, Coddington by David Lally
SK8555 : Track in Stapleford Woods by Jonathan Thacker
SK8353 : Waiting for the harvest by Jonathan Thacker
SK8254 : Beckingham Road westwards by Andrew Tatlow
SK8454 : Drain off the A17 by JThomas
SK8455 : Stapleford Lane by Jonathan Thacker
SK8354 : All Saints Church Coddington by Bob Danylec
SK8354 : All Saints' church, Coddington by Richard Croft
SK8254 : Southbound A1, Beckingham Road Bridge by David Dixon
SK8355 : Dumped tv set by William Metcalfe
SK8353 : Windmill conversion by Andrew Tatlow
SK8354 : The Plough by Richard Croft

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