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SE7170 : Castle Howard by Ian Taylor
SE7169 : Posh Moggie by Pauline E
SE7172 : North towards the vale by Gordon Hatton
SE7170 : Interior, Castle Howard, Yorkshire by Christine Matthews
SE7170 : Castle Howard, framed by Christopher Hilton
SE6972 : Thurtle Wood by Mick Garratt
SE7170 : Snowdrops and leaf litter by Pauline E
SE7169 : Approaching the obelisk, Castle Howard by Pauline E
SE7170 : Castle Howard from the Great Lake by J Whatley
SE7170 : Magnificent Castle Howard (10) by Mike Searle
SE7270 : Farmland near Horse Close Rush by DS Pugh
SE7169 : Garden House, Castle Howard by Jonathan Thacker
SE7170 : Winter reflections on Dairy Pond by Pauline E
SE7170 : Swan on the Great Lake by Pauline E
SE7271 : View to Leyfield Farm by Pauline E
SE7072 : Minor road towards Coneysthorpe by JThomas
SE7370 : Bridleway near the Alamo Trekking Centre by JThomas
SE7071 : The Great Lake Of Castle Howard by Roger Gilbertson
SE7270 : Barn, Bog Hall by Mick Garratt
SE7171 : House, Coneysthorpe by JThomas
SE7169 : Polo Match by DS Pugh
SE7169 : The Atlas Fountain, Castle Howard by Richard Sutcliffe
SE7172 : Footpath along the edge of West Wood by Anthony Parkes
SE7170 : Reservoir at Castle Howard by DS Pugh
SE7070 : Lake near Atkinson's Bog by Pauline E
SE7270 : Farm  buildings  at  Bog  Hall  Farm by Martin Dawes
SE7070 : Mass take off by Gordon Hatton
SE7170 : Film watching at Castle Howard by DS Pugh
SE7172 : Farmland north of Coneysthorpe Banks Wood by Pauline E
SE7072 : Rye Hills Farm by Pauline E
SE7270 : Muddy Track near Bog Hall by Andy Beecroft
SE6972 : Bridleway beside Slingsby Banks Wood by JThomas
SE7171 : Farmbuildings, Coneysthorpe by Stephen Horncastle
SE7169 : Avenue of trees by Pauline E
SE7270 : Track leading to Bog Hall, near Castle Howard by Colin Park
SE7370 : Walking the Howardian Hills and beyond #59 by Ian S
SE7169 : Decaying wood, Castle Howard Estate by Pauline E
SE7169 : Restoration work by Pauline E
SE7172 : Path on Coneysthorpe Bank by David Brown
SE7271 : Fingerpost and information sign at start of bridleway by Phil Catterall
SE7169 : Arable land near Swiss Cottage by Pauline E
SE7169 : The  Pyramid  Gate. Castle  Howard by Martin Dawes
SE7370 : Low Easthorpe Farm by John Slater
SE6972 : Forest  track  and  bridleway  through  Thurtle  Wood by Martin Dawes
SE7171 : Track  to  fields  north  from  Coneysthorpe by Martin Dawes
SE7170 : Dairy Pond and Great Lake by DS Pugh
SE7169 : Cricket-themed weather vane by Pauline E
SE7072 : Farm track towards Slingsby Bank Wood by JThomas
SE7072 : The Stray by Roger Gilbertson
SE7171 : White-tailed bumblebee on scabious by Pauline E
SE7169 : Atlas in the fountain at Castle Howard by pam fray
SE7169 : Atlas Fountain in full flow by Pauline E
SE7170 : Castle Howard from over the Great Lake by Clive Nicholson
SE7170 : Castle Howard by Paul Allison
SE7169 : Sundial in the walled garden, Castle Howard by Pauline E
SE7169 : The Pyramid, Castle Howard by Gordon Hatton
SE7170 : Fireworks at Castle Howard Proms Spectacular 2014 by Susan Knowles
SE7169 : The Pyramid, Castle Howard by Peter Church

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