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NZ1050 : Terris Novalis by Carole Jeffery
NZ0952 : Messanger Bank, Shotley Bridge by Robert Graham
NZ1152 : Deer beside the B6308 by Robert Graham
NZ0949 : Hownsgill Viaduct Arches by Clive Nicholson
NZ1151 : Approach to Number One roundabout by Pauline E
NZ1152 : Winter scene along Medomsley Road by Robert Graham
NZ0949 : A reminder of times past by M J Richardson
NZ1050 : Consett Gospel Hall by Mick Garratt
NZ0749 : Close up of the waterfall at Wharnley Burn by Robert Graham
NZ0753 : Line of field trees by Robert Graham
NZ0852 : River Derwent viewed from a Footbridge near Shotley Grove by Clive Nicholson
NZ0852 : Shotley Bridge by Gordon Fenwick
NZ1051 : The Fountain by Pauline E
NZ1050 : Edge of town store, Consett by Pauline E
NZ0953 : Panshields Farm by Robert Graham
NZ1051 : Civic Hall, Consett by Pauline E
NZ1051 : Winter trees in the park by Robert Graham
NZ0852 : Old Milestone by the B6278, Burnmill Bank, Shotley by Milestone Society
NZ0750 : View over the crop fields by Robert Graham
NZ0949 : Path to Lydgett's Junction by Robert Graham
NZ0952 : Former mill office, Shotley Bridge by Robert Graham
NZ1153 : View east from the top of Pont Lane by Robert Graham
NZ0950 : Looking down the A692 by Robert Graham
NZ0950 : View from the top of the escarpment by Robert Graham
NZ0752 : Field near to Snod's Edge by Trevor Littlewood
NZ0949 : View to Castleside by M J Richardson
NZ0750 : Footbridge over the Wharnley Burn by Robert Graham
NZ0749 : Ravens Crag by brian clark
NZ1151 : Pond at Villa Real by Robert Graham
NZ0950 : Grassed area beside The Grove Primary School by Trevor Littlewood
NZ0850 : Allensford Picnic Area by Colin Edgar
NZ1052 : Car park, Shotley Bridge Hospital by brian clark
NZ0853 : Low Waskerley from the south by Robert Graham
NZ1051 : Former Co-op building, Newmarket Street by Pauline E
NZ0753 : View West from Hammermill Lane by Robert Graham
NZ1051 : Balfour Street in the snow by Robert Graham
NZ0849 : Old drove road, Castleside by Robert Graham
NZ0751 : Oat crop in field west of Brownsbog Wood by Trevor Littlewood
NZ0952 : Shotley Bridge by Dennis Lovett
NZ0949 : Tunnel under the Waskerley Way by Robert Graham
NZ1149 : Looking north up Knitsley Lane by Robert Graham
NZ0753 : Driveway to Blue House by Oliver Dixon
NZ0851 : Pleasant View, Bridgehill by Oliver Dixon
NZ1051 : Bessemer Street, Blackhill by Robert Graham
NZ1051 : The top of Park Road, Consett by Robert Graham
NZ0949 : Waskerley Way Cycle Route over Hownsgill Viaduct by Les Hull
NZ0749 : Wharnley Burn farmhouse by Robert Graham
NZ0751 : Looking North from near Horseshoe Plantation by Robert Graham
NZ1052 : Bridge over the Derwent Walk by Robert Graham
NZ1149 : Play Area, Delves Lane, by Alex McGregor
NZ1153 : Hassockfield STC by Colin Edgar
NZ1050 : Terris Novalis stainless steel sculpture by Steve  Fareham
NZ0949 : Hownsgill Viaduct by Gillian Thomas
NZ1052 : Shotley Bridge Hospital by Colin Edgar
NZ1051 : Consett/Blackhill Park by Dennis Lovett
NZ0749 : Wharnley burn waterfall by brian clark
NZ0951 : Blackhill near Consett by Dennis Lovett
NZ1051 : Consett Park housing development by Pauline E

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