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TL1781 : A1(M) - half-mile to junction 15 by Peter Whatley
TL1579 : Road to Coppingford off Hamerton Road by Tim Heaton
TL1880 : Looking towards the Old Quarter by Jonathan Thacker
TL1880 : A1(M) 1 mile to Junction 15 by Julian P Guffogg
TL1579 : Ordnance Survey Benchmark - Coppingford, Mile Brook Bridge by N Scott
TL1581 : Bullock Lane and Aversley Wood near Sawtry by Richard Humphrey
TL1580 : The Mile brook as it flows towards Coppingford Lodge by Michael Trolove
TL1880 : Motel And Garage Stangate Hill by Michael Trolove
TL1579 : Selling The Big Stuff by Michael Trolove
TL1880 : A1(M), northbound by N Chadwick
TL1579 : Mile Brook Bridge & Bridleway West of Upton by Nigel Stickells
TL1581 : Aversley Wood by Michael Trolove
TL1579 : Junction with the Hamerton to Alconbury Weston Road by Shaun Ferguson
TL1780 : Mobile telephone radio station by Andrew Tatlow
TL1781 : A1(M) northbound by Alex McGregor
TL1581 : Bullock Road by Andrew Tatlow
TL1581 : A Ride through Aversley Wood by Michael Trolove
TL1781 : Gantry, A1(M) by N Chadwick
TL1781 : Whitehall chimneys by Richard Humphrey
TL1579 : Lot 1 by Michael Trolove
TL1581 : Snowman in Aversley Wood by Michael Trolove
TL1679 : Road through Coppingford by Morris  Doris
TL1579 : Pylons dominating the landscape by Simon Mortimer
TL1880 : A1(M) - junction 15 in one mile by Robin Webster
TL1579 : Track to Coppingford Lodge Farm by Robin Webster
TL1880 : A1(M) - 1 mile to J15 by N Chadwick
TL1880 : Straw stack on Stangate Hill near Sawtry by Richard Humphrey
TL1781 : St Judith's Lane, Sawtry by Richard Humphrey
TL1680 : Bullock Road eastwards from road by Andrew Tatlow
TL1680 : Large Rural Traffic by Andrew Tatlow
TL1780 : Coppingford by Ben Keating
TL1880 : A1 northbound by Alex McGregor
TL1781 : Entrance to Archer's Wood by Marathon
TL1581 : Grange Farm by Andrew Tatlow
TL1681 : Aversley Wood, Pinnacle Crossing by N Scott
TL1579 : Coppingford Lodge by Michael Trolove
TL1780 : Coppingford Wood south of Sawtry by Richard Humphrey
TL1780 : Bridleway near Coppingford Wood by Michael Trolove
TL1680 : Ordnance Survey Trig Pillar S6818 by Peter Wood
TL1781 : A1(M) southbound by JThomas
TL1579 : OS Cut Mark On The Mile Brook Bridge by Michael Trolove
TL1579 : Coppingford Lodge by Dave Thompson
TL1880 : Gantry over A1(M) by Alpin Stewart
TL1579 : Mile Brook Bridge East of Hamerton by Nigel Stickells
TL1680 : Byway with a seasonal ban on motor vehicles by Robin Webster
TL1581 : Bullock Road close to Grange Farm by Richard Humphrey
TL1880 : Stangate Hill north of Alconbury by David Howard
TL1681 : Land Beyond Aversley Wood by Michael Trolove
TL1781 : A1(M) - junction 15 sign gantry by Robin Webster
TL1680 : Bench Mark at Hill Top Farm by Michael Trolove
TL1781 : Whitehall 1090 by Roger May
TL1681 : Honey Hill by Roger May
TL1580 : Arable fields near Upton by David Kemp
TL1780 : Mobile telephone mast and fields by Andrew Tatlow
TL1581 : Aversley Wood near Sawtry by Michael Trolove
TL1880 : Motel and Petrol by Michael Patterson
TL1680 : Green Road (Bullock Road) by Iain Macaulay

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