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NT3366 : 18thC grave of the Lairds of Newton Grange, Newbattle by kim traynor
NT3566 : Betwixt fence and hedge by M J Richardson
NT3568 : Cousland to Dalkeith road by Richard Webb
NT3267 : Bridge over the Waverley Line at Sheriffhall by M J Richardson
NT3565 : Camp Road by M J Richardson
NT3366 : View across the Maiden Bridge, Newbattle by kim traynor
NT3367 : The Coach & Horses, Dalkeith by JThomas
NT3565 : Field side path by M J Richardson
NT3465 : Parkhead Place, Easthouses by JThomas
NT3565 : David Scott Avenue by M J Richardson
NT3469 : Farmland bisected by the A68 Dalkeith bypass by M J Richardson
NT3669 : New housing for sale, Crossgatehall by JThomas
NT3267 : Dropping down into Dalkeith by JThomas
NT3668 : Minor road, Smeaton by Richard Webb
NT3667 : Heading towards the city bypass on the new section of the A68 by James Denham
NT3566 : Sandstone wall by Richard Dorrell
NT3367 : Dalkeith, I woz here plaque by Richard Webb
NT3267 : Hut in the woods by Richard Webb
NT3367 : Preparing for a Parade by Anne Burgess
NT3669 : Redwood avenue, Carberry by Richard Webb
NT3567 : Track leading to a private house by James Denham
NT3367 : Logs in Dalkeith Country Park by kim traynor
NT3565 : Lawfield by Richard Webb
NT3368 : Fort Douglas, Dalkeith Country Park by Mike Pennington
NT3366 : Newbattle Gardens by Oliver Dixon
NT3668 : Crop field and hedgerow by JThomas
NT3369 : Carboniferous Sandstone by Anne Burgess
NT3669 : Pond, Smeaton by Richard Webb
NT3269 : Longthorn farm buildings by M J Richardson
NT3369 : Road, Dalkeith Park by Richard Webb
NT3567 : Farmyard at Wester Cowden by M J Richardson
NT3367 : London Road, Dalkeith by Richard Webb
NT3367 : Dalkeith High street by Kevin Rae
NT3568 : Lane near Smeaton Shaw by JThomas
NT3666 : Farmland, with Whitehill two fields away by M J Richardson
NT3469 : Home Farm by Richard Webb
NT3269 : Wymet Gardens, Millerhill by M J Richardson
NT3667 : Opencast  Pit. by Richard Webb
NT3665 : Freshly ploughed field by James Denham
NT3465 : Public Park Easthouses by Dr Duncan Pepper
NT3669 : Redwood avenue, Carberry Tower by Richard Webb
NT3267 : Elginhaugh by Richard Webb
NT3566 : Cereal crop towards Whitehill by JThomas
NT3565 : D'Arcy Terrace near Mayfield in Midlothian by James Denham
NT3369 : Path, Dalkeith Park by Richard Webb
NT3669 : Trees at Carberry by Mike Pennington
NT3466 : Kippielaw Steading by Richard Dorrell
NT3367 : High Street, Dalkeith by Richard Webb
NT3669 : Giant redwoods avenue on the Carberry Estate by kim traynor
NT3267 : Former Buccluch Church, Old Edinburgh Road by kim traynor
NT3568 : Substation, Smeaton by Richard Webb
NT3367 : The country comes to town by Oliver Dixon
NT3367 : Pebble mosaic - dragonfly by Barbara Carr
NT3465 : Derelict industrial building, Easthouses. by Richard Webb
NT3268 : Waverley Line, Sheriffhall. by Richard Webb
NT3466 : New houses, Dalkeith. by Richard Webb
NT3568 : The A68 Dalkeith bypass, newly opened by M J Richardson

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