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SD9813 : Pennine Way, Cyclist and Two Cairns by David Dixon
SD9912 : Reservoir near Denshaw by Stephen Darlington
SD9712 : Bleakedgate Moor by David Dixon
SD9710 : Denshaw Village by David Dixon
SD9812 : Ripponden Road (A672) by David Dixon
SD9710 : War Memorial, Denshaw, Saddleworth by Humphrey Bolton
SD9610 : Trig point on Crow Knoll by Bill Boaden
SD9711 : Bridleway to Rochdale Road by michael ely
SD9611 : Welcome to Rochdale: Welcome to Milnrow by Steven Haslington
SD9913 : Moss Moor trig pillar on White Hill by michael ely
SD9710 : Entering Denshaw on the A640 by Ian S
SD9912 : Pennine Way on Rape Hill by Chris Wimbush
SD9610 : Gate on Boothstead Edge by michael ely
SD9610 : Pylon on Crompton Moor by michael ely
SD9711 : The Rams Head Denshaw by Paul Anderson
SD9610 : OS Plaque on Crow Knowl Triangulation Pillar by David Dixon
SD9813 : The Pennine Way by David Dixon
SD9811 : Overflow channel, Dowry Reservoir by Jonathan Thacker
SD9611 : The A640 at Clough Manor Hotel by Ian S
SD9810 : New Year's Bridge Reservoir by Glyn Drury
SD9811 : Dowry Road by Alexander P Kapp
SD9611 : Barny's by Peter McDermott
SD9711 : Uphill on the A672 by JThomas
SD9710 : The Parish Church of Christ Church, Denshaw, Porch by Alexander P Kapp
SD9811 : Single file on the Pennine Bridleway by michael ely
SD9710 : The Junction Inn, Denshaw 2018 by JThomas
SD9813 : Pennine Way by David Dixon
SD9810 : The A640 at New Bridge Reservoir by Ian S
SD9713 : Fool Hill towards Piethorne Clough by Chris Wimbush
SD9912 : Steps on the Pennine Way, Marsden Moor by David Dixon
SD9710 : Gateway to moorland track near Wall Green Farm by Glyn Drury
SD9611 : A640 Rochdale Road by michael ely
SD9711 : Rams Head Inn by Alexander P Kapp
SD9713 : Bleakedgate Moor by JThomas
SD9611 : Rochdale Road (A640), Denshaw by Humphrey Bolton
SD9610 : Bridleway stile on Crompton Moor by michael ely
SD9810 : Moor Lane by John Topping
SD9913 : Linsgreave Head by Mick Garratt
SD9810 : New Years Bridge reservoir from Ox Hey by Michael Fox
SD9813 : Pennine Way on Axletree Edge by David Brown
SD9611 : Farm entrance and pylons by Steve  Fareham
SD9711 : Crook Gate Reservoir by David Rogers
SD9611 : Welcome to Rochdale by David Dixon
SD9812 : The outflow from Readycon Dean Reservoir by Bill Boaden
SD9712 : The Pennine Bridleway by Ian Rutson
SD9710 : The Junction Inn, Denshaw by JThomas
SD9912 : The most easterly point of Lancashire, Milnrow by Humphrey Bolton
SD9813 : Pennine Way at Green Hole Hill by Chris Wimbush
SD9912 : Huddersfield Road (A640) by JThomas
SD9912 : Tarn on Rape hill. by steven ruffles
SD9710 : Junction Inn Denshaw by Paul Anderson
SD9712 : The A672 Ripponden Road by Paul Anderson
SD9710 : Aftermath of an Accident by Paul Anderson
SD9710 : Denshaw Junction 1990 by Paul Anderson
SD9811 : Dowry Reservoir by Dave Smethurst
SD9810 : New Years Bridge Reservoir by Ian M
SD9812 : Readycon Dean Reservoir by Ian Rutson
SD9811 : Site of 'Dowry Castle', Denshaw by Humphrey Bolton

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