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SX9796 : M5 near  Poltimore by Sarah Charlesworth
SX9896 : East Devon : Road Junction by Lewis Clarke
SX9796 : Lorries, on the M5, near Poltimore by Roger Cornfoot
SX9795 : Junction of B3181 and track to West Clyst by David Smith
SX9796 : Old Lodge by Rod Allday
SX9796 : Bridge over the M5, Northbound near Poltimore by David Dixon
SX9995 : The Exeter-Waterloo railway at Broadclyst Station by Rod Allday
SX9896 : Water tower at Broadclyst by Rod Allday
SX9795 : East Devon : Pumping Station by Lewis Clarke
SX9895 : Three pylons by N Chadwick
SX9796 : M5 west of Broadclyst by Julian P Guffogg
SX9896 : Gateway to nowhere by Anthony Vosper
SX9896 : Farm track and public footpath by Rob Purvis
SX9796 : Clyst valley by N Chadwick
SX9995 : Old Broadclyst Station by Derek Harper
SX9795 : East Devon : Mosshayne Lane by Lewis Clarke
SX9795 : West Clyst Farmhouse by Christine Johnstone
SX9895 : Brockhill Lodge by David Smith
SX9995 : Land to the south of Cranbrook Station by David Smith
SX9795 : B3181 bridge over M5 by John Firth
SX9896 : Service station in Dog Village by David Smith
SX9795 : East Devon : Grassy Field & Track by Lewis Clarke
SX9995 : Somerfield supermarket, Dog Village by Roger Cornfoot
SX9896 : Dog Village by Derek Harper
SX9895 : Three Pylons by N Chadwick
SX9795 : Dead tree in the field next to the M5 by Rob Purvis
SX9796 : M5 footbridge and spy camera east of Poltimore by Stuart Logan
SX9995 : Cranbrook station by Derek Harper
SX9896 : Broadclyst : Road by Lewis Clarke
SX9796 : East Devon : The M5 Motorway by Lewis Clarke
SX9795 : B3181 Bridge over the M5 Motorway by David Dixon
SX9896 : B3181 road sign south of Broadclyst by John C
SX9995 : Ford and pedestrian causeway near Broadclyst Station by Chris Gunns
SX9796 : Road junction with Moor Lane, Poltimore by John C
SX9795 : The B3181 crossing over the M5 motorway by John C
SX9896 : Thatched cottage at a T-junction in Dog Village by Sarah Charlesworth
SX9795 : Speed camera on the B3181 by John C
SX9995 : Offices, near Dog Village by Roger Cornfoot
SX9895 : Station Road passing Wishford Farm by David Smith
SX9995 : Farmland, Cranbrook by N Chadwick
SX9796 : River Clyst from the air by Derek Harper
SX9896 : The Old Coach Road goes left off the B3181 by John C
SX9995 : Broad Clyst station (remains), 1998 by Ben Brooksbank
SX9796 : A single tree by N Chadwick
SX9896 : Dog Village and Broadclyst from the air by Derek Harper
SX9795 : M5 overbridge B3181 crosses by Stuart Logan
SX9795 : East Devon : The M5 Motorway by Lewis Clarke
SX9796 : Threepenny Lodge (or East Lodge) for Poltimore House by David Smith
SX9995 : Ford near Broadclyst Station by David Smith
SX9896 : Footpath behind the houses by Anthony Vosper
SX9896 : Water tower near Broadclyst by Sarah Charlesworth
SX9995 : Broad Clyst Station by Ben Brooksbank
SX9795 : M5 looking north, near Poltimore by Rob Purvis
SX9795 : Multi-branched pine, Poltimore Park, Devon by Rodney Burton
SX9895 : Green Lane in Clyst Vale by Derek Harper

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