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NY9635 : Trig point, Bollihope Carrs by David Brown
NY9538 : Hag Gate Farm by Trevor Littlewood
NY9438 : Cement Works Bridge by Dean Allison
NY9534 : East Todd Sike by David Brown
NY9638 : Grazing, Weardale by JThomas
NY9638 : Muddy cattle by Helen Wilkinson
NY9635 : Trig point, Bollihope Carrs by Andrew Smith
NY9439 : Pastures near Sunderland Farm by Mike Quinn
NY9535 : Looking down to Snowhope Burn by David Brown
NY9440 : Pastures near South Hanging Wells by Mike Quinn
NY9539 : The valley of Rookhope Burn by Mike Quinn
NY9539 : Hill Top Cottage by Ian S
NY9538 : Road to Brotherlee near Hag Bank by Peter Wood
NY9639 : Bewdley by Trevor Littlewood
NY9737 : West Newlandside farm by Helen Wilkinson
NY9538 : The spire of All Saints Church, Eastgate by Mike Quinn
NY9635 : Cairn and rocks at Bollihope Carrs by Trevor Littlewood
NY9540 : Trig point on Crow Coal Hill - 2 by Trevor Littlewood
NY9438 : South Eastgate Plantation by Trevor Littlewood
NY9440 : Footbridge, Brandon Cleugh by Richard Webb
NY9537 : Spartalec House by Trevor Littlewood
NY9439 : Sheep in fields east of farm at Rose Hill by Trevor Littlewood
NY9437 : Weardale Works by Peter McDermott
NY9637 : Horsley Head Farm by Roger Smith
NY9640 : Allerton Spring by Mike Quinn
NY9738 : Grassland, Weardale by JThomas
NY9738 : Narrow field beside the Wear by Richard Webb
NY9538 : Road from Hag Bridge joining the A689 near Eastgate by Peter Wood
NY9539 : Broad Bush by Trevor Littlewood
NY9534 : Grassy moorland in  upper Bollihope by Trevor Littlewood
NY9438 : All gone! The site of the Eastgate Cement Works by Oliver Dixon
NY9635 : Rocks at Carrs Top by Trevor Littlewood
NY9534 : Upper Bollihope Beck by David Brown
NY9440 : Ambling Gate Bank (2) by Mike Quinn
NY9736 : Stream head near Turfhill End by Trevor Littlewood
NY9638 : A twisty A689 towards Stanhope by JThomas
NY9538 : Waterfall, Eastgate by Uncredited
NY9738 : A689 towards Stanhope by JThomas
NY9536 : Farmland around Snowhope Close by Trevor Littlewood
NY9539 : Harrow Bank by Oliver Dixon
NY9537 : Track leading to Snowhope Close by Roger Smith
NY9437 : Quarry of 'Weardale Works' by Trevor Littlewood
NY9439 : Pastures above Eastgate by Mike Quinn
NY9640 : Reahope Moor southwest of Park Plantation by Mike Quinn
NY9535 : Valley of Snowhope Burn by Trevor Littlewood
NY9636 : Snapegate Plantation by Trevor Littlewood
NY9635 : Bollihope Carrs by Andrew Smith
NY9738 : Aller Gill Cottage by Philip Barker
NY9639 : Grazing and woodland, Brock Bank by JThomas
NY9737 : West Newlandside by Roger Smith
NY9438 : Former Eastgate Cement Works by Chris Bell
NY9639 : Weardale viewed from West Bewdley Farm by Roger Smith
NY9738 : Aller Gill, Weardale, Co. Durham by Robin Somes
NY9640 : Old railway goods van on Reahope Moor by Mike Quinn
NY9438 : Eastgate cement works by Helen Wilkinson
NY9639 : West Bewdley derelict farmhouse by Roger Smith

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