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NZ2349 : View west along Edmondsley Road by Robert Graham
NZ2248 : Path through West Edmondsley Wood by Robert Graham
NZ2349 : Edmondsley Reedbeds by Barry Wood
NZ2348 : B6532 at Daisy Hill village boundary in the fog by Colin Pyle
NZ2249 : West Edmondsley  Farm by Robert Graham
NZ2449 : Steps for footpath to exit Waldrige Fell by peter robinson
NZ2350 : Entrance to Beech Grove Farm by Robert Graham
NZ2248 : Hedgerow near Edmondsley by JThomas
NZ2349 : Sign and seat, Edmondsley Wildlife Habitat by Oliver Dixon
NZ2449 : View west across Waldridge Fell by Robert Graham
NZ2348 : The Daisy Hill, Edmondsley Lane by JThomas
NZ2248 : Charlaw Lane by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2350 : A corner of Beech Grove Farm by Oliver Dixon
NZ2249 : Approach to Blackhouse by Robert Graham
NZ2248 : Farmland near Edmondsley by JThomas
NZ2449 : Car Park Waldridge Fell by P Glenwright
NZ2348 : Looking north down Edmondsley Lane by Robert Graham
NZ2349 : Edmondsley Minewater Treatment Scheme by Oliver Dixon
NZ2248 : Charlaw Moor, near Sacriston, county Durham by Oliver Dixon
NZ2350 : Looking up Beechgrove Lane by Robert Graham
NZ2249 : The Black House Inn by Robert Graham
NZ2449 : Grazing land, Edmondsley by JThomas
NZ2249 : Minor road heading west towards Holmside by JThomas
NZ2248 : Flooded field beside Sacriston Woods by Robert Graham
NZ2349 : B6532 at Edmondsley village boundary by Colin Pyle
NZ2348 : Sacriston Woods from Daisy Hill by Robert Graham
NZ2249 : Charlaw Inn near West Edmondsley Co Durham by P Glenwright
NZ2249 : Bus stop on Black House Lane by Robert Graham
NZ2350 : Barns at Beech Grove Farm by Robert Graham
NZ2348 : Barn Edmondsley County Durham by P Glenwright
NZ2449 : Path on Waldridge Fell by peter robinson
NZ2449 : Waldridge Fell by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2350 : Footpath along Little Burn by Graham Scarborough
NZ2349 : Looking north from Edmondsley by Robert Graham
NZ2349 : Road junction at bottom of Beechgrove Lane by Robert Graham
NZ2350 : Broomy Holm by Graham Scarborough
NZ2449 : Looking towards Deneacres Farm by Robert Graham
NZ2249 : Wardles Wood and the valley of the Cong Burn by Oliver Dixon
NZ2348 : Daisy Hill by Robert Graham
NZ2349 : Houses in Edmondsley by JThomas
NZ2248 : Fence Charlaw Moor by P Glenwright
NZ2349 : Road Junction: Black House Lane and Beechgrove Lane by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2249 : Old Direction Sign - Signpost by the B6532, Beech Grove Terrace, Edmondsley Parish by Milestone Society
NZ2449 : Exmoor pony on Waldridge Fell by Robert Graham
NZ2249 : Lane at West Edmondsley by Robert Graham
NZ2350 : Beech Grove Farm by brian clark
NZ2249 : Farmland towards Congburn Wood by JThomas
NZ2348 : Angel View, Edmondsley by Oliver Dixon
NZ2349 : Schoolmaster's House, Edmondsley by Barry Wood
NZ2348 : Edmondsley Lane (B6532), heading north by JThomas
NZ2349 : Start of nature walk Edmondsley Co Durham by P Glenwright
NZ2348 : Cattle grazing Daisy Hill near Sacriston by P Glenwright

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