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NZ8114 : Once were trains [1] by Michael Dibb
NZ8114 : Barnby Dales Farm [1] by Michael Dibb
NZ8014 : Bridge over the old dismantled railway line. by steven ruffles
NZ7914 : Footbridge  over  Newton  Beck by Martin Dawes
NZ8114 : Bridge over old railway line by Gordon Hatton
NZ7915 : Old Milepost by Keith Evans
NZ7914 : Houses and pub at Ellerby by David Martin
NZ8014 : Bridge over the dismantled railway near Northfields Farm by John Slater
NZ7914 : Ellerby village by Stephen McCulloch
NZ7814 : Grassy Track on moorland near Newton Mulgrave by Phil Catterall
NZ8014 : Old Mile Post by Keith Evans
NZ7913 : Ellerby Bank by JThomas
NZ7914 : Footbridge  over  drainage  ditch  near  Ellerby by Martin Dawes
NZ8114 : Cattle at Westfields Farm by Gordon Hatton
NZ8114 : Barnby Dales Farm [2] by Michael Dibb
NZ7913 : Access from Hawthorne Farm by Mick Garratt
NZ8014 : A174 at Ellerby, North Yorkshire by Mat Fascione
NZ7813 : Cute sign by the B1266 by Stephen McCulloch
NZ7814 : Pasture, Newton Bank by Mick Garratt
NZ8014 : Track  to  Fields by Martin Dawes
NZ8014 : Approaching Northfields Farm by Stephen McCulloch
NZ8114 : Derelict wooden buildings on pheasant Farm by Phil Catterall
NZ7913 : Ellerby Bank Top by Gordon Brown
NZ7913 : Fields near Stump Howe by Darren Haddock
NZ7814 : Newton Bank by John Slater
NZ8114 : Three ways to go [2] by Michael Dibb
NZ7813 : Newton  Mulgrave  Moor  and  Newton  Mulgrave  Wood by Martin Dawes
NZ8014 : A174 on Barley Hill by Colin Pyle
NZ7915 : Parking lay-by on the A174 by Stephen McCulloch
NZ7813 : Entrance to Newton Mulgrave Woods by Stephen McCulloch
NZ7813 : Newton Mulgrave Moor by Mick Garratt
NZ7814 : Track  on  Newton  Mulgrave  Moor by Martin Dawes
NZ8014 : Farmland near Ellerby by JThomas
NZ7813 : A  rather  drab  and  misty  Newton  Mulgrave  Moor by Martin Dawes
NZ7913 : Road junction at Ellerby Bank Top by Stephen McCulloch
NZ7915 : Ford  (dry) where Newton Lane crosses Newton Beck by Gordon Brown
NZ8114 : Private track into the Mulgrave estate. by steven ruffles
NZ7914 : Ellerby by Stephen McCulloch
NZ7813 : B1266 road Ellerby Moor by Stephen McCulloch
NZ8114 : Claymoor Farm from Runswick Bay by Michael Steele
NZ8114 : Dilapidated barn by Stephen McCulloch
NZ7914 : Farmland west of Ellerby by Stephen McCulloch
NZ7914 : Ryeland Lane towards Ellerby by JThomas
NZ7814 : Newton Bank by Stephen McCulloch
NZ7915 : Newton Lane towards Newton Mulgrave by JThomas
NZ7814 : Newton Brow Farm by Stephen McCulloch
NZ7913 : Commemorative  seat  at  Mickleby by Martin Dawes
NZ7914 : View across farmland near Ellerby by Stephen McCulloch
NZ7813 : Larsen trap by Stephen McCulloch
NZ7915 : Footpath towards Hinderwell by John Slater
NZ8014 : National Cycleway No.1 by Mick Garratt

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