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NY9692 : Whitlees, in a small clearing by Christine Johnstone
NY9691 : Sheepfold emerges from the forest by Russel Wills
NY9393 : Churchyard of St Cuthbert's, Elsdon by Stanley Howe
NY9593 : Stile and sheep gate by Russel Wills
NY9492 : Minor road towards Elsdon by JThomas
NY9392 : Elsdon Bridge by Russel Wills
NY9293 : Soppit Farm by Peter McDermott
NY9695 : Cairn on Darden Pike  by Russel Wills
NY9393 : Gated track over the old stone bridge, Elsdon by Stanley Howe
NY9496 : Billsmoor Park by Peter McDermott
NY9694 : An open gap through the wood by Russel Wills
NY9392 : Elsdon Burn and Elsdon Bridge by Oliver Dixon
NY9594 : Cairn on Landshot Hill by Pete Saunders
NY9693 : Ruined fence west of Eastnook by Andrew Curtis
NY9593 : Footpath enters Harwood Forest by Andrew Curtis
NY9593 : View north east from Landshot Hill by Russel Wills
NY9496 : Grasslees Wood by Richard Webb
NY9392 : The two arched Elsdon Bridge by Russel Wills
NY9793 : Bog cotton in profusion  by Russel Wills
NY9492 : Clover-filled pasture by Christine Johnstone
NY9496 : B6341 by Richard Webb
NY9592 : Whitlees Bastle by Mike Searle
NY9395 : Electricity poles cross the moor by Russel Wills
NY9695 : Metal plate bridges for quad bikes by Russel Wills
NY9595 : Footpath near Darden Pike by Pete Saunders
NY9393 : St. Cuthbert's Church, Elsdon - stained glass window (2) by Mike Quinn
NY9692 : Minor road east of Whitlees by Andrew Curtis
NY9594 : Landshot Hill towards Harwood Forest by Andrew Curtis
NY9392 : Redshaw by Peter McDermott
NY9793 : Forest colours, Harwood Forest by Oliver Dixon
NY9397 : Military facilities in the woods by Russel Wills
NY9492 : Driveway above Todholes by Oliver Dixon
NY9193 : Overacres Cottage by Oliver Dixon
NY9194 : Grazing cattle by Walter Baxter
NY9593 : Shallow, former stone quarry, Landshot Hill by Andrew Curtis
NY9396 : Farmland and woodland southwest of Dunns Farm by Mike Quinn
NY9593 : Silage bales near Whiskershiel Farm by Andrew Curtis
NY9495 : Stone wall runs up Carrow Rigg by Russel Wills
NY9296 : High Carrick by Peter McDermott
NY9691 : Clear felling at Bellion Edge by Russel Wills
NY9393 : Former village school building, Elsdon by Stanley Howe
NY9394 : Where did I leave my horse? by No Body
NY9694 : Plantation near King's Dod by Pete Saunders
NY9295 : Elsdon burn by peter maddison
NY9493 : Bridleway from Hudspeth to Elsdon by Oliver Dixon
NY9695 : Trig point on Darden Pike by Russel Wills
NY9496 : Stray Animals by Richard Webb
NY9396 : Laingshill by Peter McDermott
NY9494 : Hudspeth from the east by Andrew Curtis
NY9593 : Landshot Hill by Russel Wills
NY9393 : Cyclist's cafe in Elsdon by Oliver Dixon
NY9691 : Harwood Forest. Steng Moss by Ann Hodgson
NY9393 : Bird in Bush Free House, Elsdon by Andrew Curtis
NY9692 : Leehouse Linn waterfall by John Watson
NY9393 : Elsdon Tower House by Andrew Curtis
NY9393 : Elsdon Tower by Phil Thirkell
NY9393 : Small holding and wood carving business near Elsdon Old Bridge by Andrew Curtis
NY9393 : The Pinfold, Elsdon by Duncan Grey

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