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NZ8204 : Restoration project at Grosmont by John Firth
NZ8204 : BR Standard Class 4 locomotive 76079 by Andrew Abbott
NZ8104 : Southside Farm inhabitants by Colin Grice
NZ8204 : House alongside disused quarry, Esk Valley by Christine Johnstone
NZ8404 : Track south of Lowther's Crag by Stephen McCulloch
NZ8104 : High Burrows Farm by N Chadwick
NZ8504 : Disused Car Park by op47
NZ8104 : Southside Farm by Colin Grice
NZ8504 : Sleights Moor Footpath by Stephen Horncastle
NZ8404 : End of the track on Spa Hill by John Slater
NZ8304 : Fairhead Farm by Graham Horn
NZ8104 : High Burrows Farm by Colin Grice
NZ8204 : North Yorkshire Moors Railway in the Esk Valley by Dave Taylor
NZ8404 : Approaching Moor Lane Farm by Graham Horn
NZ8504 : Sleights Moor Trig Pillar at Flat Howe by David Brown
NZ8204 : Grosmont Sidings and Workshops by Richard Cooke
NZ8504 : Looking towards Flat Howe by SMJ
NZ8504 : Gated  off  parking area  on  road  to  Grosmont by Martin Dawes
NZ8304 : Field near Moor Lane Farm by David Martin
NZ8104 : Southside Farm by Colin Grice
NZ8204 : Footpath sign on the historic rail trail by Christine Johnstone
NZ8404 : Sheep Bield, Lythe Beck by Mick Garratt
NZ8504 : High Bride Stones by Tom Courtney
NZ8204 : Footpath to Grosmont by Mick Garratt
NZ8204 : Ex Coal Board loco at Grosmont by John Firth
NZ8104 : Footbridge over the River Esk near Beckside Farm by John Slater
NZ8504 : Footpath sign on Sleights Moor by Jonathan Thacker
NZ8204 : Railway Cottages in the Esk Valley by Mary and Angus Hogg
NZ8404 : Reservoir and small building near Moor Lane Farm by John Slater
NZ8504 : Minor  road  from  Grosmont  toward  A169 by Martin Dawes
NZ8504 : The tallest of the High Bride Stones by John Allan
NZ8204 : The Murk Esk by Christine Johnstone
NZ8504 : The High Bridestones, Sleights Moor by Jim Champion
NZ8304 : Near End Farm by T  Eyre
NZ8404 : Spa Hill Slack by David Martin
NZ8504 : The coast to coast walk over Sleights Moor by Ian S
NZ8404 : Over  Spa  Hill  to  Spa  Hill  Slack by Martin Dawes
NZ8104 : Road by High Burrows Farm by SMJ
NZ8504 : High Bride stone row and stone circles by Sandy Gerrard
NZ8204 : A patchwork of fields, below Lease Rigg by Christine Johnstone
NZ8104 : Stile over a wall by N Chadwick
NZ8404 : Heather moorland near Black Brow by Jonathan Thacker
NZ8504 : A169 heading for Whitby by Peter Bond
NZ8304 : Grassed  track  to  Low  Fairhead by Martin Dawes
NZ8204 : Esk Valley from Lease Rig by Colin Grice
NZ8504 : Flat  Howe with trig point by Trevor Littlewood
NZ8504 : Footpath across Sleights Moor by David Smith
NZ8204 : Inside the boiler by Stephen Craven
NZ8404 : Footpath above Lythe Beck by Graham Horn
NZ8304 : View from Low Fairhead by Graham Horn
NZ8204 : A nasty attack of alliteration! by Chris Allen
NZ8204 : Coaling stage at Grosmont by Peter Langsdale
NZ8204 : Coal Loader, Grosmont Sheds by Mick Garratt
NZ8204 : Green Arrow, Grosmont Sheds by Mick Garratt

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