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SS8586 : Lane junction north of Craig yr Aber by Colin Pyle
SS8584 : Aberbaiden Farm by Chris Shaw
SS8585 : Valve on the old dam at Craig yr Aber by John Finch
SS8585 : Craig yr Aber by Alan Richards
SS8485 : High track and lane to the north east of Pen-y-bryn by eswales
SS8586 : Mystery building at Craig yr Aber by John Finch
SS8586 : Mountain lane and conifers to the south of Llangynwyd by eswales
SS8685 : Valley west of Mynydd Baeden by Andrew Hill
SS8584 : Southern slope of Margam Mountain. by David Lewis
SS8684 : Ffordd-y-Gyfraith by Alan Hughes
SS8685 : Farmland above Baiden Farm by Alan Hughes
SS8485 : Narrow lane with tall hedgerows to the north east of Hafodheulog by eswales
SS8686 : Lane east of Mynydd-Ty-Talwyrn by Colin Pyle
SS8685 : Countryside viewed from lane over high ground by Andrew Hill
SS8585 : Dam at Craig yr Aber by John Finch
SS8685 : Ascending lane to the north of Ffordd-y-Gyfraith by eswales
SS8585 : Forest Track in Craig yr Aber by John Finch
SS8686 : Hillside track above Cwm Nant-gwyn by eswales
SS8585 : Disused Dam by John Finch
SS8586 : Upland grazing with valley views towards Maesteg by Andrew Hill
SS8784 : A view towards Mynydd Baedan by eswales
SS8584 : Wooden Picture Frame by Alan Hughes
SS8686 : Cwm Nant-gwyn by eswales
SS8685 : Mynydd Ty-talwyn by eswales
SS8686 : Llwybr Maescadlawr    / Maescadlawr Path by Alan Richards
SS8685 : High lane to the north of Ffordd-y-Gyfraith by eswales
SS8586 : Ridgeway walk towards Mynydd Baedan by eswales
SS8585 : Dam on Nant Craig yr Aber by John Finch
SS8584 : End of the road by Chris Shaw
SS8685 : Lane junction north of Baiden Farm by Colin Pyle
SS8586 : Rough lane above the Llynfi valley by Andrew Hill
SS8784 : Fron Haul by Alan Hughes
SS8586 : Forestry Workings at Craig yr Aber by John Finch
SS8584 : Discoloured Water by Alan Hughes
SS8686 : Gate and public footpath by Alan Hughes
SS8784 : Park Slip nature reserve Aberkenfig July 5th 2015 by Colin Prosser
SS8784 : Lake on the Northern Wetlands - Parc Slip Nature Park by Mick Lobb
SS8685 : High lane with fine views to the north by Andrew Hill
SS8586 : Forestry light and shade by Alan Hughes
SS8584 : Trees on Hedge Line by Alan Hughes
SS8686 : Upland grazing with forest beyond by Andrew Hill
SS8584 : Wooden Bridge over Nant Craigyaber by John Finch
SS8685 : Mynydd Baedan by Alan Richards
SS8585 : Gate and Fencing by Alan Hughes
SS8584 : Aberbaiden Farm by Alan Hughes
SS8684 : Ffordd-y-Gyfraith by Chris Shaw
SS8686 : Slopes of Cwm Nant-gwyn by Andrew Hill
SS8685 : Track above Baiden Farm by Andrew Hill
SS8586 : Gated lane junction north of Mynydd Ty-talwyn by eswales
SS8684 : Barn at Ton Phillip Farm by John Finch
SS8784 : Cows and hills by Chris Shaw

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