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NT5035 : Spectators and officials at a Gala Fairydean football match by Walter Baxter
NT4935 : Borders Railway construction works in Galashiels by Walter Baxter
NT4935 : Old Gala House - The Gardens by James Denham
NT4737 : Cyclepath from Galashiels by Jim Barton
NT4935 : Cornmill Fountain by Iain Lees
NT4936 : Dalgetty Bakers in Galashiels by Walter Baxter
NT4938 : Ladhope Moor by Walter Baxter
NT4938 : Dobies Grave by Iain Lees
NT4837 : Bristol Terrace, Galashiels by Walter Baxter
NT4834 : Lochan Near Hollybush by Mary and Angus Hogg
NT4834 : On the way to Galashiels by Jim Barton
NT4936 : Inside the new bus station, Galashiels by Jim Barton
NT5035 : Netherdale Mill by John Lucas
NT4836 : Comely Bank Mill Retail Park by Walter Baxter
NT5034 : Mercat Fountain, Abbotsford by kim traynor
NT4936 : Silhouetted chimney pots by Walter Baxter
NT5035 : Track, Langlee Woods by Richard Webb
NT4937 : Wood pasture plantation, Buckholm Hill by Jim Barton
NT4936 : Round Tree Bridge pillar detail by Walter Baxter
NT4836 : A Snowbound Grass Roller on Gala Cricket ground by Iain Lees
NT5035 : Between Gala Water and Dale Road, Galashiels by John Lucas
NT5036 : Scots Pine trees on Blaikie's Hill by Walter Baxter
NT4936 : Quins restaurant, Galashiels by Jim Barton
NT4737 : Northeast down an iced up Gala Water by Iain Lees
NT4937 : Winter on Buckholm Hill by Walter Baxter
NT5035 : Bench in Gala Park by David Lally
NT4836 : Manse Lane, Galashiels by Iain Lees
NT4935 : A class 158 train heading for Tweedbank by John Lucas
NT5136 : Covered reservoir above Langlee by Jim Barton
NT5034 : The Kingsknowes Hotel, Galashiels by Walter Baxter
NT4936 : A Gala Paths Route on Blaikie's Hill by Walter Baxter
NT5137 : Minor road towards Lauder by JThomas
NT4734 : Looking Southwest to the Southern Upland Way Cairn by Iain Lees
NT4835 : The Source of the Moss Burn by Iain Lees
NT5036 : Langlee Mains Farm by Iain Lees
NT4734 : Cairn On The Southern Upland Way by Mary and Angus Hogg
NT4838 : Buckholm Farm by Walter Baxter
NT4934 : A ruined building on Gala Hill by Walter Baxter
NT4737 : Cyclepath at the A72 Torwoodlee by Jim Barton
NT5038 : Ladhope Moor by Richard Webb
NT5034 : Ornate Stonework by Adam Ward
NT5134 : Fountain, Gun Knowe Loch Tweedbank by Jim Barton
NT4836 : The Long Stairs by Walter Baxter
NT4936 : The Somerfield Supermarket in Galashiels by Walter Baxter
NT4834 : Toughing it out by Walter Baxter
NT5135 : Demolition work at Langlee, Galashiels by Walter Baxter
NT4738 : Torwoodlee Golf Course by Jim Barton
NT4835 : Source of the Moss Burn by Callum Black
NT4936 : Bank Street Gardens by Walter Baxter
NT5135 : Anglers on the River Tweed by Thomas Nugent
NT4936 : The Chinese Dragon Festival dragon by Walter Baxter
NT4935 : The new TESCO Extra superstore in Galashiels by Walter Baxter
NT4936 : W H Smith, Galashiels by Walter Baxter
NT5035 : Heriot Watt University Scottish Borders Campus by Walter Baxter
NT5036 : A wind shaped tree on Blaikie's Hill by Walter Baxter
NT4835 : Galashiels Academy by Mary and Angus Hogg
NT4935 : Galashiels Town Centre Redevelopment by Walter Baxter
NT4936 : Solomon's Seal Sawfly larvae (Phymatocera aterrima) by Walter Baxter

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