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NS6868 : Heathfield Moss by Richard Webb
NS6668 : Cardowan Colliery - air compressors by Chris Allen
NS6668 : St Joseph's Parish Old School Centre by Stephen Sweeney
NS6768 : Roundabout with pyramids by Alex McGregor
NS6769 : Power lines crossing the A80 by Stephen Sweeney
NS6668 : Crowwood roundabout, near Stepps by Euan Nelson
NS6668 : Buchanan Tower, Stepps by Chris Upson
NS6767 : Building on Gartloch Road by Darrin Antrobus
NS6769 : The A80 near Stepps by Stephen Sweeney
NS6769 : Glen Plantation by Robert Murray
NS6668 : Cardowan colliery, No. 1 shaft steam winder. by Chris Allen
NS6769 : The Crow Wood Motel by Chris Upson
NS6768 : Highpit Plantation by Stephen Sweeney
NS6668 : The A80 and M80 from the air by Thomas Nugent
NS6769 : A80 westbound, west of Muirhead by Darrin Antrobus
NS6768 : How long?! by Stephen Sweeney
NS6768 : Small Loch near Garnkirk by Chris Upson
NS6668 : Horse in a frosty field by Jonathan Billinger
NS6668 : Stepps railway station, North Lanarkshire by Nigel Thompson
NS6767 : Loch at disused Cardowan Fireclay Works by Chris Upson
NS6768 : Woodhead Industrial Estate by Richard Webb
NS6767 : Small Loch North of Gartloch Road by G Laird
NS6768 : Dewar Road by Stephen Sweeney
NS6668 : Cardowan Colliery by Chris Allen
NS6868 : Bulrush Marsh by Chris Upson
NS6769 : Overgrown Field by Robert Murray
NS6668 : Garfield House Hotel, Stepps by Alex McGregor
NS6668 : Approaching the Crowwood Roundabout from the south by Stephen Sweeney
NS6868 : Station Road, Muirhead by Stephen Sweeney
NS6767 : Old Track to Cardowan House by Chris Upson
NS6767 : Loch beside Gartloch Road by Stephen Sweeney
NS6768 : Garnkirk, overgrown field by Robert Murray
NS6668 : Looking towards Buchanan Tower by Stephen Sweeney
NS6768 : Garnkirk, railway bridge by Robert Murray
NS6768 : Roundabout at The Hawthorns by Darrin Antrobus
NS6767 : Wetlands near Garthamlock by Robert Murray
NS6668 : Cardowan Colliery, ventilating fan. by Chris Allen
NS6868 : Track to Heathfield by Robert Murray
NS6769 : The Crowood Hotel by Robert Murray
NS6769 : Crow Wood Golf Club - Clubhouse by G Laird
NS6768 : Path and Railway by G Laird
NS6668 : Stepps Railway Station by Chris Upson
NS6668 : Health Club by Darrin Antrobus
NS6668 : Stepps from the air by Thomas Nugent
NS6769 : Building base and garages by Richard Webb
NS6868 : Station Road, Garnkirk by Robert Murray
NS6868 : Track and Path Junction by G Laird
NS6767 : Construction, Cardowan by Richard Webb
NS6767 : Pond north of Gartloch Road by Robert Murray
NS6868 : Muirhead, Chryston and Moodiesburn from the air by Thomas Nugent
NS6668 : Boilers at Cardowan Colliery by Chris Allen
NS6868 : Heathfield Marshland by Chris Upson

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