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SD7992 : The Settle & Carlisle railway at Dandrymire viaduct by Christine Johnstone
SD8093 : River Ure by John Sparshatt
SD7790 : Old Milestone by C Minto
SD7993 : Railway crossing at Lunds by John Illingworth
SD8093 : Footpath to Thwaite Bridge by Christine Johnstone
SD7992 : The cat collection at The Moorcock by Ian Greig
SD7889 : Coal Road passing through a former mining area [1] by Christine Johnstone
SD7992 : Coal train by John Illingworth
SD7792 : Grisedale Road and Grisedale Beck by Christine Johnstone
SD7889 : Coal Road near Hugh's Moss by Roger Templeman
SD7790 : Benchmark on Ingheads Bridge by Roger Templeman
SD7891 : Snow starts to fall at Garsdale Station [1] by Christine Johnstone
SD7891 : Railway cottages, Garsdale Station by Bill Harrison
SD8094 : I thought it was a mine entrance by Ian Greig
SD7992 : Railway Cottages by John Illingworth
SD7993 : Footbridge over Carlisle-Settle railway near South Lunds by Bikeboy
SD7892 : Blake (or Black) Mire by Karl and Ali
SD7790 : A684 and northern parapet of Scar Foot Bridge by Roger Templeman
SD7994 : Ford and footbridge over Lambfold Gill by Bill Boaden
SD8089 : View from George Mea Rigg towards Crook Gill Rigg by Roger Templeman
SD7891 : 'Duchess' at Garsdale Station, 1984 by Rob Newman
SD7992 : Dandrymire Viaduct by Steve Houldsworth
SD7889 : Cowgill Head Bridge by Chris Heaton
SD7992 : Railway bridge over A684 near Moorcock Inn by David Smith
SD7992 : The view from Dandrymire Viaduct by Graham Hogg
SD7989 : Trapped stoat on Mossdale Moor by Roger Templeman
SD8091 : A View from Mossdale Moor by Chris Heaton
SD7790 : The Road to Ingheads by Alexander P Kapp
SD7790 : A684 at Scar Foot bridge by Roger Templeman
SD8092 : Moorland Cottage by Chris Heaton
SD7891 : Garsdale Station by Wilson Adams
SD8093 : The High Way near Johnston Gill by Philip Barker
SD7790 : Clough River in Garsdale by Roger Templeman
SD8090 : Great Gill by Michael Graham
SD8094 : High Dike by John Slater
SD7991 : The Pennine Bridleway approaching Garsdale Station by Christine Johnstone
SD7994 : Lunds by Ian Taylor
SD7989 : Above Shaking Moss by Michael Graham
SD7994 : Footbridge at Scars Gill by John Slater
SD7691 : By Ceaseat Beck by David Brown
SD7992 : Old Milepost by the A684, Garsdale Head, Garsdale Parish by C Minto
SD7790 : View across Garsdale to Cock Brow by David Martin
SD7791 : Grouse Butts by Michael Graham
SD8092 : Tarn Gill [1] by Christine Johnstone
SD7891 : Hillside between High and Low Scale by Christine Johnstone
SD8090 : Waterfall ,Great Gill by Michael Graham
SD7993 : An extension being added at South Lunds by Roger Templeman
SD8092 : Moorland Cottage by John Illingworth
SD7889 : Now it is easier - cycling northwards on the Coal Road by Christine Johnstone
SD7993 : A quiet stretch of the Ure by Bill Boaden
SD8092 : Railway Bridge, old Hawes branch line, by Moorland Cottage by Andrew Mawby
SD7891 : Ruswarp by John Illingworth
SD7993 : Entrance to Blades Farm restaurant by John Firth
SD7790 : Swaledale sheep in Garsdale by Greg Fitchett
SD7891 : Garsdale Station by Paul Bridge
SD7994 : Lunds Church by Ray Woodcraft

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