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SK8166 : The River Trent by Graham Hogg
SK8367 : Path into Spalford Warren Nature Reserve by J.Hannan-Briggs
SK8167 : Km 58 by Jonathan Thacker
SK8366 : Besthorpe Road by Graham Hogg
SK8166 : Track onto Smithy Marsh  by Alan Murray-Rust
SK8166 : Oak Doors (Floodgate)  by Alan Murray-Rust
SK8367 : Houcham Farm from New Lane by Richard Croft
SK8267 : Girton marshes by Richard Croft
SK8366 : Girton Lane by Trevor Rickard
SK8166 : Upper Girton Stakes by Trevor Rickard
SK8266 : Mill Dam Dyke by Richard Croft
SK8167 : Sand and gravel loading point by Graham Horn
SK8266 : Under Water by Richard Croft
SK8266 : Anticipation ? by Richard Croft
SK8167 : Trent barge at Grassthorpe Holme by Trevor Rickard
SK8367 : New Lane by Richard Croft
SK8367 : Spalford Warren by Jonathan Thacker
SK8166 : River Trent in spate by Richard Croft
SK8266 : Church of St Cecilia, Girton by Tim Heaton
SK8167 : Trent levee at Grassthorpe Holme by Trevor Rickard
SK8167 : Treetops by Richard Croft
SK8266 : Wet Bees by Richard Croft
SK8266 : Chantry Cottage by Richard Croft
SK8366 : Weddel Fields, North Scarle by Jonathan Thacker
SK8166 : Puddle on Smithy Marsh by Richard Croft
SK8367 : New Lane heading east, Spalford Warren by JThomas
SK8266 : Footpath crossing ahead by Chris Morgan
SK8166 : Confluence of the Fleet and the Trent by Jonathan Thacker
SK8267 : Pylon on a spit by Jonathan Thacker
SK8166 : Track at the end of Trent Lane by J.Hannan-Briggs
SK8166 : Rural blight by Richard Croft
SK8167 : Grassthorpe drainage channel by Trevor Rickard
SK8166 : The Fleet by Richard Croft
SK8266 : Home Farm, Girton (2) by Jonathan Thacker
SK8267 : Girton Lakes by Richard Croft
SK8167 : Km 57 by Jonathan Thacker
SK8266 : Girton floods by Richard Croft
SK8166 : Bridge at Oak Doors by Richard Croft
SK8266 : Flooded fields by Richard Croft
SK8366 : Creeping ivy on trees beside Besthorpe Road by Chris Morgan
SK8167 : Reclaimed gravel pits by Jonathan Thacker
SK8167 : High Water on the Trent by Richard Croft
SK8166 : Sluice on the River Fleet by Mat Fascione
SK8166 : Girton Stakes by Graham Horn
SK8167 : Old gravel loading stages opposite Normanton Holme by Chris Morgan
SK8266 : Sand and gravel pits now worked out by roger geach
SK8267 : Water & electricity by Richard Croft
SK8266 : Green Lane  by Alan Murray-Rust
SK8366 : View from Sandycroft Farm by Richard Croft
SK8266 : New Lane, Weeecar by JThomas
SK8266 : St.Cecilia's church, Girton, Notts. by Richard Croft
SK8166 : Burnt out car, Smithy Marsh by Matthew Smith
SK8266 : Girton floodmarks by Richard Croft
SK8167 : River Trent in flood at Girton by Richard Croft
SK8266 : The Fleet in flood at Girton by Richard Croft
SK8266 : Girton Village Hall by John Slater
SK8266 : Former gravel pit near Girton  by Alan Murray-Rust
SK8266 : St. Cecilia's church by Richard Croft

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