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NY6766 : (Disused) quarry near Walltown by Mike Quinn
NY6462 : Featherstone Common west of Cooper's Cleugh by Mike Quinn
NY6765 : Ladder Stile, Footpath Sign and Footbridge over the Painsdale Burn by Les Hull
NY6565 : Greenhead Hotel by David Dixon
NY6666 : Cow and calf by Oliver Dixon
NY6566 : Hill north of Longbyre by Robin Webster
NY6462 : A lovely dry section of the Pennine Way by Mike Quinn
NY6566 : House with tall barn near Thirlwall Castle by P Glenwright
NY6868 : The valley of Calfclose Sike by Mike Quinn
NY6565 : Pow Charney Burn by Mike Quinn
NY6663 : Pastures south of Waterloo House (4) by Mike Quinn
NY6563 : Blackpool Rigg by Mike Quinn
NY6664 : Wydon Cleugh by Mike Quinn
NY6566 : The north defensive ditch of Hadrian's Wall west of Wallend Farm (2) by Mike Quinn
NY6766 : Hadrian's Wall by steven ruffles
NY6667 : Ruin on Thirlwall Common by Mike Quinn
NY6665 : Doorway of Grenwhelt, Greenhead by Karl and Ali
NY6666 : Hadrian's Wall National Trail below Walltown by Oliver Dixon
NY6765 : Heading For Hadrian's Wall by Mary and Angus Hogg
NY6463 : Black Hill by Andrew Curtis
NY6868 : Moorland east of Calfclose Sike by Mike Quinn
NY6565 : Greenhead Hostel - August 2016 by The Carlisle Kid
NY6768 : The barns at Moss Peteral by Mike Quinn
NY6664 : College Farm by Les Hull
NY6566 : The Hadrian's Wall Path heading for Gilsland by David Purchase
NY6564 : A Pennine Journey Footpath towards Greenhead by Les Hull
NY6666 : Hadrian's Wall by Mary and Angus Hogg
NY6669 : The southern edge of the plantation above Watch Hill by Mike Quinn
NY6563 : Blenkinsop Common above Todholes by Mike Quinn
NY6566 : Ford over the Tipalt Burn by Mike Quinn
NY6462 : Remains of Eadleystone by Andrew Curtis
NY6767 : High Old Shields Farm by Bill Cresswell
NY6669 : On top of Watch Hill by Mike Quinn
NY6766 : Farmland and woodland around Walltown Farm by Mike Quinn
NY6663 : Waterloo Farm by Les Hull
NY6868 : Semi-derelict barn below Inner Dodd by Mike Quinn
NY6766 : Hadrian's Wall west of Turret 45a (2) by Mike Quinn
NY6564 : Blenkinsop Common east of Todholes (2) by Mike Quinn
NY6667 : The cleugh of Toddle Burn (2) by Mike Quinn
NY6766 : Pastures and moorland below Walltown Crags by Mike Quinn
NY6868 : Moorland between Inner and Outer Dodd by Mike Quinn
NY6766 : Walltown Crags by Mary and Angus Hogg
NY6665 : The lane to Greenhead by David Purchase
NY6562 : Featherstone Common above Cooper's Cleugh (2) by Mike Quinn
NY6665 : Panorama from Carvoran (Magna) (4: W) by Mike Quinn
NY6666 : Hadrian's Wall Trail east of Thirlwall Castle by Andrew Curtis
NY6663 : Small shelterbelt of Scots pine by Marcus Byron
NY6767 : High Old Shields Farm by Ian Drummond
NY6563 : Blenkinsop Common west of Small Burn (2) by Mike Quinn
NY6667 : Greengate Well Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY6665 : Cycle path on Greenhead Bank by Oliver Dixon
NY6566 : Inside Thirlwall Castle by Ashley Lightfoot
NY6566 : Hadrian's Wall National Trail and the Vallum by Oliver Dixon
NY6664 : Car park and ruins, Blenkinsopp Castle by Karl and Ali
NY6566 : Thirlwall Castle by Andy Stephenson
NY6566 : Thirlwall Castle by Norma Foggo
NY6463 : Triangulation pillar by John Collett

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