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SE0827 : Jubilee Street North - Shay Lane by Betty Longbottom
SE0925 : Halifax Market by Colin Smith
SE0923 : Railway terraces, Haigh Lane by Stephen Craven
SE0926 : Hag Lane at the summit, Halifax by Humphrey Bolton
SE0924 : Central Park, Halifax by Humphrey Bolton
SE0725 : Shalimar Street - viewed from Thrum Hall lane by Betty Longbottom
SE1127 : Yarborough Croft - Northowram Green by Betty Longbottom
SE1126 : Park House by Michael Steele
SE0825 : Victoria Road - Hanson Lane by Betty Longbottom
SE0923 : Godfrey Road - viewed from Green Park Street by Betty Longbottom
SE0925 : Portman & Pickles - Market Street by Betty Longbottom
SE0925 : Old Lane, Halifax by Chris Allen
SE1026 : A58 Stump Cross Junction by Glyn Drury
SE0824 : People's Park - viewed from Hopwood Lane by Betty Longbottom
SE0824 : Parkinson Lane Roundabout by Glyn Drury
SE0725 : Staveley - a house built in 1928 by Mark Humphreys
SE0924 : Halifax High School - Skircoat Road by Betty Longbottom
SE1126 : Stephen Row - Hough by Betty Longbottom
SE0825 : Dunelm Mill - Pellon Lane by Betty Longbottom
SE0925 : Halifax FP587, Claremount by Humphrey Bolton
SE1027 : Addersgate Farm by Derek Harper
SE0726 : Footpath - Bracewell Drive by Betty Longbottom
SE0924 : Christadelphian Hall - Balmoral Place by Betty Longbottom
SE0826 : Coach House Entrance, Boothtown Road, Halifax by Michael Steele
SE0924 : Express Fit - Shaw Hill by Betty Longbottom
SE1125 : House, Wood Lane, Hipperholme by Humphrey Bolton
SE0725 : Gibraltar Road - Gibbet Street by Betty Longbottom
SE0826 : Unclassified footpath at the end of Old Lee Bank, Halifax by Humphrey Bolton
SE0824 : Terraced housing near King Cross Road by Phil Champion
SE0827 : Boothtown Road at the top of Halifax FP434 by Humphrey Bolton
SE1127 : Spruce Drive - Rowan Way by Betty Longbottom
SE0925 : Market Street, Halifax by Stephen McKay
SE0923 : Stafford Place - Huddersfield Road by Betty Longbottom
SE0924 : Water Lane from the north end of Footpath 691, Halifax by Humphrey Bolton
SE1025 : Footpath up flight of stairs between Godley Link Road (upper) and Beacon Hill Road by Michael Steele
SE0927 : Swales Moor Road - viewed from Ploughcroft Lane by Betty Longbottom
SE1126 : Footpath - Town Gate by Betty Longbottom
SE1124 : Ivy House by Paul Glazzard
SE0827 : Old Station House - Ovenden by Betty Longbottom
SE0825 : St Augustine's Terrace - Hanson Lane by Betty Longbottom
SE0827 : Lenny's Lunchbox - Shay Lane by Betty Longbottom
SE0925 : Neaverson - Russell Street - on a rainy day! by Betty Longbottom
SE0925 : Army Careers Office - Market Street by Betty Longbottom
SE1126 : Northowram Youth Centre - Back Clough by Betty Longbottom
SE1124 : Sunny Bank Lane, Southowram by Humphrey Bolton
SE1027 : Access from Addersgate Farm by Chris Heaton
SE0725 : Spring Hall Grove - Spring Hall Lane by Betty Longbottom
SE0923 : Footpath - Godfrey Road by Betty Longbottom
SE0727 : Keighley Road - viewed from Foundry Street North by Betty Longbottom
SE0824 : Emscote Grove, Halifax by Paul Glazzard
SE0927 : Dry slope skiing, Pule Hill by Mark Anderson
SE0923 : Spring Hall Mansions - off Mansion Lane by Betty Longbottom
SE1025 : Magna Via, Beacon Hill, Halifax by Humphrey Bolton
SE0825 : St Mary's RC church, Gibbet Street, Halifax by Humphrey Bolton
SE0924 : Albert Park, Halifax by Paul Glazzard
SE1025 : Halifax Beacon, Southowram by Humphrey Bolton
SE0924 : North Stand, The Shay Stadium, Halifax by Michael Steele
SE0924 : HBOS building and Coliseum by Mark Anderson

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