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SE2955 : Entrance to Valley Gardens, Harrogate by Derek Harper
SE3055 : Cambridge Place, Harrogate by Derek Harper
SE2954 : Path, Harlow Moor, Harrogate by Derek Harper
SE3255 : Beech Street - Avenue Road by Betty Longbottom
SE2855 : Hereford Rd by N Chadwick
SE2955 : The Brownies flower bed by Michael Cooper
SE3156 : Walking on the old railway line by N Chadwick
SE3256 : Electricity Substation - Rydal Road by Betty Longbottom
SE3055 : Oxford Street Illumninations by DS Pugh
SE3254 : Wartime garden by DS Pugh
SE3055 : Police Station and Woodside Walk by DS Pugh
SE2854 : Entrance to Water Bottling Works by Alex McGregor
SE2854 : Harlow Carr by N Chadwick
SE3157 : Barn, Bilton Dene Farm by N Chadwick
SE3055 : The Devonshire Arms - Skipton Road by Betty Longbottom
SE2956 : Omega Street by DS Pugh
SE3154 : St Ronan's Road - St Hilda's Road by Betty Longbottom
SE3155 : White House, Park Parade, Harrogate by Derek Harper
SE3054 : Bridge LEH 3/39 - St James' Drive by Betty Longbottom
SE2856 : Path near Sweet Briar by DS Pugh
SE3055 : Railway Bridge, Victoria Avenue by Mark Anderson
SE3254 : The Woodlands by N Chadwick
SE2956 : History Board at The Little Wonder by Keith Edkins
SE2955 : Rutland Road - viewed from Hereford Road by Betty Longbottom
SE3257 : Bilton Lane towards Bilton, Harrogate by Ian S
SE3155 : Building site, Claro Road, Harrogate by Derek Harper
SE2857 : High Warren Farm by N Chadwick
SE3154 : Arncliffe Road - St Hilda's Road by Betty Longbottom
SE3153 : Pasture by Crimple House by Derek Harper
SE3257 : Limekiln Plantation by N Chadwick
SE2955 : Church Lane, Harrogate by Alex McGregor
SE3056 : St Luke's Church by Roger Templeman
SE2955 : Flower beds in the Valley Gardens by DS Pugh
SE3254 : Rudbeck Drive by JThomas
SE3155 : Granby Road - Knaresborough Road by Betty Longbottom
SE2954 : Harlow Moor Road at Otley Road, Harrogate by Ian S
SE3153 : Harrogate College by Russel Wills
SE2955 : Pump Room Museum by DS Pugh
SE3157 : Disused Railway approaching Old Bilton by Chris Heaton
SE3255 : Hookstone Chase, Harrogate by Ian S
SE3054 : Leeds Road in Harrogate by Andrew Abbott
SE2855 : Oakdale Bridge by Derek Harper
SE2957 : Ford at Knox by John Walton
SE2954 : Towards the tennis courts by DS Pugh
SE3153 : By the railway line by N Chadwick
SE2957 : Knox Hill Farm by Derek Harper
SE3055 : Harrogate's Cenotaph or War Memorial. by Barrie Tobias
SE3157 : Bilton Lane by Derek Harper
SE2853 : Otley Road (B6162) south west from Harrogate by peter robinson
SE3056 : The Balmoral Hotel - Franklin Mount by Betty Longbottom
SE3055 : Harrogate Youth Music Festival by DS Pugh
SE3056 : Grove House, Harrogate by Gordon Hatton
SE3055 : Harrogate Railway Station, 1983 by Anthony Eden
SE3055 : Harrogate Railway Station by Anthony Eden
SE2953 : Pannal Ash College by Bill Henderson
SE2953 : BT Training Centre by DS Pugh
SE3055 : The Regal or ABC Cinema, Cambridge Road, Harrogate, 1983 by Anthony Eden
SE3055 : Harrogate Cenotaph by DS Pugh

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