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TM2433 : Shotley Gate by Gerald England
TM2531 : Statue of Queen Victoria, Dovercourt by Robin Webster
TM2229 : The Essex Way 163: Burnthouse Farm by Trevor Harris
TM2530 : Promenade at Dovercourt by Oliver Dixon
TM2331 : Elizabeth II postbox on Main Road, Dovercourt by JThomas
TM2430 : Spotted beach hut by Robert Eva
TM2632 : The Book Annex, Church Street by Oliver Dixon
TM2531 : The war memorial, Dovercourt, Harwich by Humphrey Bolton
TM2632 : Foreshore, Harwich by Robin Webster
TM2531 : Looking northeast along a path above Dovercourt Bay by John Baker
TM2532 : Harwich Town Railway Station by Ian S
TM2332 : Harwich International Railway Station by Ian S
TM2531 : Path up to Marine Parade by Hamish Griffin
TM2431 : Shop on the corner of Manor Road and Main Road by Robert Eva
TM2231 : Pond Hall Farm, viewed from the A.120 by Robert Edwards
TM2630 : Large boat by Hamish Griffin
TM2531 : Path towards town centre by Hamish Griffin
TM2429 : Lakes by the Essex Way by Robert Eva
TM2433 : Shotley Jetty by Tim Marchant
TM2332 : Parkeston Quay, Harwich by Rudi Winter
TM2331 : The Grave Of Charles Algernon Fryatt by Keith Evans
TM2632 : Outpart Eastward, Harwich street view mirror by Matt Harrop
TM2531 : Houses, Hordle Place, Dovercourt by Robin Webster
TM2332 : 'Captain Fryatt' public house, Parkeston, Essex by Robert Edwards
TM2631 : Breakwater below Beacon Cliff by Robert Eva
TM2431 : Bus shelter on Parkeston Bypass by Ian S
TM2530 : Shelter next to Dovercourt Beach by Oxyman
TM2430 : Water Tower by Keith Evans
TM2232 : Tanker at the jetty off Parkeston refinery by Chris Holifield
TM2632 : 1953 Flood Victims Memorial by ken brown
TM2631 : World War 2 Lookout Tower by Oxyman
TM2532 : Danish ferry entering Harwich harbour by Oxymoron
TM2230 : Old Milepost by Keith Evans
TM2430 : Path from Hall Lane by Robert Eva
TM2532 : Ha'penny Pier, Harwich by Matt Harrop
TM2332 : Princess Street off Garland Road, Parkeston by Ian S
TM2531 : Bobbit's Hole signs by Robert Eva
TM2230 : Houses on Hankin Avenue, Dovercourt by JThomas
TM2229 : On the Essex Way - Path leading down to the coast from Little Oakley near Harwich by Colin Park
TM2531 : Dovercourt seafront by Stephen McKay
TM2433 : Shotley pier, the Stour Estuary and Harwich International Port by Andrew Hill
TM2631 : Minefield control blockhouse, Blackman's Head, Harwich by Robin Webster
TM2432 : Home Bargains, Harwich by JThomas
TM2332 : Harwich Parkeston Quay by Martin Addison
TM2429 : Essex Way looking southwards by Robert Eva
TM2532 : The waterfront - Harwich by Simon Leatherdale
TM2633 : Lightship in Harwich Harbour by Oliver Dixon
TM2229 : Oilseed rape crop, Little Oakley by JThomas
TM2631 : Between Dovercourt and Harwich by Stephen McKay
TM2532 : Harwich Harbour by Geographer
TM2530 : Disused lighthouse, Dovercourt, Essex by Peter Jordan
TM2331 : All Saints' church, Dovercourt, Essex by Robert Edwards
TM2431 : Morrisons supermarket, Harwich by Oxyman
TM2532 : The Halfpenny Pier at Harwich by Leonore Kegel
TM2532 : The Halfpenny Pier at Harwich by Ron Strutt
TM2433 : HMS Ganges, Shotley, Suffolk  (swimming pool) by Rob
TM2432 : Thames sailing barge 'Melissa' by Bob Jones

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