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NY8035 : Collapsing bridge over South Langtae Sike by Trevor Littlewood
NY8130 : Widdybank Moss by Peter McDermott
NY7935 : Excavator by Bob Harvey
NY8130 : Rock outcrop below The Knott by Mike Quinn
NY8433 : Tributary of Langdon Beck (1971) by Stanley Howe
NY8332 : Bowes Close Farm by Anthony Parkes
NY8135 : Moorland farmland by James Allan
NY7934 : Harwood Beck by Andrew Smith
NY7932 : Old Level by Michael Graham
NY8332 : Barn near Greenhills on the B6277 by Ian S
NY8130 : Cow Green Reservoir by Gordon Hatton
NY8031 : Estate Road Below Herdship Fell by Trevor Littlewood
NY8334 : Boundary stone on the northern slopes of Three Pikes by Mike Quinn
NY8233 : Hill Top by Oliver Dixon
NY8130 : The Knott by Peter McDermott
NY8035 : Cattle grid on the B6277 near Ashgill Head by Ian S
NY8233 : Peases Cottage alongside the B6277 by Ian S
NY8433 : Sheepfold on Langdon Common by Mike Quinn
NY7934 : Howl of Harwood by Gordon Hatton
NY8235 : High Field by Andrew Smith
NY7932 : Shake Hole near Dubby Sike by Oliver Dixon
NY8033 : Hill End by Helen Wilkinson
NY8435 : The eastern slopes of Causeway Hill by Mike Quinn
NY8231 : Unthank and Honeypot, Harwood by Andrew Smith
NY8231 : Cow Rake Rigg by Mick Garratt
NY8034 : Into enclosed land by Gordon Hatton
NY7833 : Holdenhurth Band below Viewing Hill by Les Hull
NY8233 : Force Foot by Helen Wilkinson
NY8333 : Small rock outcrop on the southern slopes of Three Pikes by Mike Quinn
NY7935 : Road Works by Bob Harvey
NY8231 : Unthank by Peter McDermott
NY7935 : Old Milestone by the B6277, Harwood Common by C Minto & IA Davison
NY8231 : Remains of old reservoir by Oliver Dixon
NY8235 : High Field by Mike Quinn
NY8130 : View west over moors  by Russel Wills
NY7931 : Old spoil heap at Dubby Sike by Gordon Hatton
NY7931 : Dubby Sike by Oliver Dixon
NY8034 : Lady's Rake Mine by Helen Wilkinson
NY8030 : Cow Green Reservoir by Peter McDermott
NY8336 : Shooting hut on Ireshope Moor by Trevor Littlewood
NY8231 : Old mine workings at Cow Rake by Gordon Hatton
NY8035 : Ashgill Head by Peter Moore
NY8034 : Heading down Spitley Tongue by Gordon Hatton
NY8236 : On Great Stony Hill by Michael Graham
NY8332 : Other route with public access below B6277 by Trevor Littlewood
NY7932 : Cow Green track crosses Sledge Sike by Andy Waddington
NY8030 : Cow Green Reservoir by Peter McDermott
NY8235 : Grasshill Causeway by Oliver Dixon
NY8230 : Butts on Widdybank Fell by Andrew Smith
NY8035 : Ashgill Head by Oliver Dixon
NY8130 : Main Car Park at Cow Green Reservoir by Ken Crosby
NY8336 : Grasshill Causeway by Oliver Dixon
NY8332 : Barn by Peter McDermott
NY8035 : Ashgillhead Mine, Teesdale by Malcolm Street
NY7833 : Viewing Hill by James Boulter
NY8130 : Site of Rod's Vein, Cow Green Reservoir by Andrew Curtis
NY8130 : Old mine shaft by Cow Green dam track by Andy Waddington

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