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SD8021 : East Lancashire Railway: Diesel Train approaching Townsend Fold by David Dixon
SD7623 : Stream by Robert Wade
SD8022 : Old Boundary Marker on New Hall Hey Bridge, Rawtenstall by D Phillips
SD7721 : Helmshore Textile Museum in winter by John H Darch
SD8021 : The Whitchaff by Alexander P Kapp
SD8022 : New Hall Hey Mill, Rawtenstall by Chris Allen
SD7723 : Todd Hall Road by David Dixon
SD7723 : Cob Castle Road by Bill Boaden
SD7922 : Sykeside Hotel, Haslingdon by Len Williams
SD7722 : New Industrial Units, Grane Road by Robert Wade
SD7822 : Greenfield Memorial Gardens by Bill Boaden
SD7822 : Grane Road, Haslingden by Robert Wade
SD7823 : Hillside above Holden Vale by Bill Boaden
SD7623 : Derelict Building, Grane by Robert Wade
SD7623 : The Rossendale Way on Picker Hill by Bill Boaden
SD7721 : Helmshore Mill Museum by Jeff Stevens
SD7624 : Track towards Elm Tree Farm by David Dixon
SD7523 : Deep Clough by Chris Heaton
SD7925 : Waterfall on moorland stream by John H Darch
SD7923 : Bench by The Halo by Bill Boaden
SD7623 : West Pennine tree by Bill Boaden
SD7823 : Downtown Haslingden by Chris Heaton
SD7721 : Helmshore:  Higher Mill from the old railway line by Dr Neil Clifton
SD7922 : Tesco Petrol Station, Haslingden by Robert Wade
SD7723 : Approaching Windy Harbour Farm from the South by Chris Heaton
SD7922 : Cowes Avenue by Robert Wade
SD7523 : Jamestone Quarry by Bill Boaden
SD7721 : Whitaker's Mill, Helmshore by Chris Allen
SD7823 : Great Wall Chinese and Thai Take-Away, Haslingden by Chris Heaton
SD8022 : The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by Robert Wade
SD7824 : Hud Hey Road, Haslingden, Lancashire by Robert Wade
SD7723 : Cob Castle Road by Bill Boaden
SD7523 : Deep Clough by Bill Boaden
SD7722 : Footpath leading up to Hutch Bank Quarry by Chris Heaton
SD8022 : The Line into Rawtenstall Station by David Dixon
SD7624 : Elm Tree Farm by David Dixon
SD8022 : East Lancashire Railway Tracks during Pandemic by Kevin Waterhouse
SD7825 : Tanner Barn, Interior by Alexander P Kapp
SD7621 : Rossendale Way on Musbury Heights by Chris Heaton
SD7823 : Townsend Street Haslingden Rossendale by Robert Wade
SD7721 : Access Road from Higher Hill End by Chris Heaton
SD7624 : Mount Pleasant Trig Point by Rude Health
SD7823 : St James Church, Haslingden by Bill Boaden
SD7523 : Rossendale Way passing a Ruined Farmhouse by Chris Heaton
SD7723 : Sheep grazing on Hutch Bank by Bill Boaden
SD7622 : Reservoir release by DS Pugh
SD7624 : Trig point on Haslingden Moor by Bill Boaden
SD7823 : St James Parish Church by Ian Greig
SD8022 : Rawtenstall West Crossing, East Lancashire Railway by David Dixon
SD8021 : NOT The Flying Scotsman by David Dixon
SD8021 : The Duke of Gloucester at Townsend Fold by Paul Anderson
SD7523 : Jamestone Quarry, Haslingden Grane, Grane Road, Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancashire by Robert Wade
SD7821 : Haslingden High School, Helmshore by David Long
SD7923 : Halo sculpture at Top '0 Slate Haslingden by glyn swain
SD7823 : Commercial Hotel Haslingden by Robert Wade
SD7622 : Drought, Holden Wood Reservoir, Haslingden Grane by Robert Wade
SD7921 : Turbine tower sections heading for Scout Moor by Paul Anderson
SD8022 : Rawtenstall Railway Station by Paul Anderson

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