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NZ3265 : North Street, Jarrow by Malc McDonald
NZ3264 : West Park by andy
NZ3265 : Chapel Road in Jarrow by Vin Mullen
NZ3166 : Conical Conifers by Christine Westerback
NZ3064 : Reyrolle Office Demolition, Hebburn by Les Hull
NZ3265 : The Vikings by MSX
NZ3065 : PCT Ltd at  Wallsend by Russel Wills
NZ3362 : Calfclose Burn by Alan Fearon
NZ3164 : The Clock, Victoria Road East by Mike Quinn
NZ3262 : Lakeside carp pond by brian clark
NZ2964 : Cyclist and walker on Hadrian's Way at Wincomblee by Oliver Dixon
NZ3266 : Cutter dredger Vesalius on the Tyne by Vin Mullen
NZ3264 : Old Jarrow School by Vin Mullen
NZ3362 : Hendon Gardens, Jarrow by Alex McGregor
NZ3065 : Wallsend Dry Docks by Keith Edkins
NZ3262 : A194 Leam Lane at Primrose railway bridge by Colin Pyle
NZ3265 : Jarrow: Sir Charles Mark Palmer statue by Chris Downer
NZ3363 : "Quiet flows the Don" by Oliver Dixon
NZ3363 : Path between gardens off Finchale Terrace, Jarrow by Graham Robson
NZ3063 : Siemens Reyrolle by Peter McDermott
NZ3065 : Cross-Tyne Industry by MSX
NZ2962 : Walkway, Pelaw Metro Station by Andrew Curtis
NZ3265 : Pedestrian subway, Jarrow by Malc McDonald
NZ3262 : Fellgate Metro Station by Alan Fearon
NZ3065 : Little Aberdeen by Richard Webb
NZ2964 : Hadrian's Wall Path crossing Welbeck Road by Robert Graham
NZ3063 : St Luke's Methodist Church, Burn Heads Road by Alex McGregor
NZ3266 : Escalators for the Tyne Cyclist and Pedestrian Tunnel by JThomas
NZ3362 : Tree shadow on a school sports field, Fellgate by Christine Johnstone
NZ2962 : Vacant Forever by MSX
NZ3264 : Old wagonway and now a cycle path by Les Hull
NZ3062 : East Gateshead Cycle Path by Richard Webb
NZ2963 : Crane at the Offshore Technology park on the North bank of the River Tyne by Steve  Fareham
NZ3262 : Catching up with the riot police by Chris Morgan
NZ3165 : Blackett Street, Hebburn Colliery by Andrew Curtis
NZ3064 : Cut steel bench, Riverside Park, Hebburn by Andrew Curtis
NZ3163 : Cycle path beside Campbell Park Road, Hebburn by JThomas
NZ3362 : Housing at Fellgate, near Jarrow by Malc McDonald
NZ3162 : Siemens building viewed from Mill Lane by Mark Anderson
NZ3262 : York Avenue and flyover by Les Hull
NZ3065 : Hawthorn Leslie by Richard Webb
NZ3266 : Leaving North end of Tyne tunnel by John Firth
NZ3166 : Press Offshore by Peter McDermott
NZ3065 : View of Wallsend across the River Tyne by Oliver Dixon
NZ2964 : Newcastle's old railway relics II by Bobby Clegg
NZ3362 : Wheeling ramp near Fellgate Metro Station by Oliver Dixon
NZ2962 : Bill Quay Methodist Church by MSX
NZ3065 : Houses on The Riverside  by Russel Wills
NZ3162 : Tyne and Wear Metro Line by wfmillar
NZ3264 : Park Road, Jarrow by JThomas
NZ3265 : Tyne Tunnel Pedestrian Escalator by Clive Clarke
NZ3266 : Tyne Tunnel North Entrance by Mick Garratt
NZ2964 : Neptune Yard, River Tyne, Walker 1976 by Donald MacDonald
NZ2964 : British Trolleybuses - Newcastle upon Tyne by Alan Murray-Rust
NZ3363 : Primrose Local Nature Reserve by Ken Brown
NZ2963 : Prominent Tower Blocks In Walker by MSX
NZ3266 : Cyclist and Pedestrian Tunnel Entrance by Ken Brown
NZ2963 : Walker Naval Yard c.1978 by MSX

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