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SD4260 : Middleton sub-station under construction by Ian Taylor
SD4161 : St Peter, Heysham: memorial (iv) by Basher Eyre
SD3959 : Heysham Harbour by Arnold Price
SD3960 : Heysham Harbour entrance by George Robinson
SD4060 : Heysham Port by Robin Drayton
SD4060 : North Wharf, Heysham Harbour by Christine Johnstone
SD4161 : Window and datestone detail, Old Hall Inn, Heysham by Karl and Ali
SD4060 : Normand Skarven, WD Mersey, and Clipper Point, from the deck of Ben-my-chree by David Long
SD3960 : Heysham Fish Quay by David Medcalf
SD3959 : Heysham Harbour mouth by Ian Taylor
SD4161 : Imitation telegraph pole by Ian Taylor
SD3960 : North Round Head by David Dixon
SD4061 : Erosion gully, Lower Heysham by Humphrey Bolton
SD4059 : Heysham Nuclear Power Station by Ian Greig
SD4161 : Barrows Lane by Bob Harvey
SD4260 : A683 Heysham Bypass by David Dixon
SD4162 : Church of St John the Divine, Sandylands by Richard Vince
SD4062 : Heysham Flat at low tide by Karl and Ali
SD3959 : On South Round Head, Heysham Harbour by Karl and Ali
SD4159 : Road to Middleton by Michael Graham
SD4161 : Main Street by Bob Harvey
SD3959 : Sea Express 1 clears Heysham Harbour by David Long
SD4061 : Stone graves at St Patrick's Chapel, Heysham by Adie Jackson
SD4160 : Middleton Road looking towards Middleton Way by Peter Bond
SD3959 : Sea defence, South Round Head by Karl and Ali
SD4259 : Like a beached whale by David Long
SD4062 : Heysham Flat Rocks by David Medcalf
SD4360 : Wind Farm at Heysham South by David Dixon
SD4061 : On Heysham Head by Jonathan Thacker
SD4259 : Silo, Middleton Industrial Estate by Ian Taylor
SD4260 : Rough grazing, Heysham Moss by Ian Taylor
SD4060 : New Buses for London at Heysham Port by Ian Taylor
SD3959 : Lighthouse by Arnold Price
SD4060 : Smithy Lane at Half Moon Bay by Bill Boaden
SD4059 : The piebald rocks of Red Nab by Karl and Ali
SD4360 : A683 towards Heysham by JThomas
SD4161 : St. Peter's church graveyard by Ian Taylor
SD4061 : Rocks near Throbshaw Point by Ian Taylor
SD3959 : Heysham Harbour - South Quay by David Medcalf
SD4260 : Pylon and wind turbines, Heysham Moss by Ian Taylor
SD4060 : Port of Heysham by Ian S
SD3960 : Heysham Port at night by Oliver Mills
SD4361 : Grazing land, Downlands Farm by Ian Taylor
SD4161 : Royal Hotel, Main Street, Heysham by Alexander P Kapp
SD4359 : Downeyfield Road towards Heaton by JThomas
SD3959 : Former London Midland Scottish Port Manager's Office, Heysham by David Long
SD4260 : Heysham Moss by Michael Graham
SD4062 : View across Morecambe Bay from St. Patrick's Chapel by Jonathan Thacker
SD4159 : Essar Filling Station on Middleton Road by David Dixon
SD4060 : Heysham Harbour by Stephen Darlington
SD4061 : Old go-kart track, Heysham Head by Ian Taylor
SD4060 : Ben-my-Chree at Heysham Dock by Steven Muster
SD4059 : Heysham Nuclear Power Stations by David Medcalf
SD4059 : Heysham Power Station by Mr T
SD4260 : BT microwave radio tower on Heysham Moss. Morecambe, Lancashire. by Ralph Rawlinson
SD4261 : Heysham Moss SSSI, Morecambe, Lancashire by Ralph Rawlinson
SD4159 : Middleton Industrial Estate by Ian Taylor
SD3959 : Heysham South pier lighthouse. by Steve  Fareham

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