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SK8059 : Holme: St Giles' churchyard by John Sutton
SK8059 : Boat on the R Trent, N of Holme by Colin Park
SK8159 : Langford level crossing by Trevor Rickard
SK8159 : Cycle Route 64 alongside Slough Dyke by Tim Heaton
SK8058 : The River Trent near Holme by Mat Fascione
SK8160 : Gravel pits footpath by Richard Croft
SK8060 : The Oven by Richard Croft
SK8159 : Langford Crossing Gatehouse by Richard Croft
SK8159 : Cut Mark: Langford Crossing House by Brian Westlake
SK8059 : Holme Crossroads, Nottinghamshire by Colin Park
SK7959 : Northbound A1 near to North Muskham by David Dixon
SK8059 : Weeping willows by the Trent by Jonathan Thacker
SK8059 : Langford Lane towards Holme by JThomas
SK7959 : North Road Farm by N Chadwick
SK8160 : Langford Lowfields by Richard Croft
SK8059 : Holme: buttress and pantiled house by John Sutton
SK8160 : Mute Swans by Richard Croft
SK8059 : Holme from across the Trent by Jonathan Thacker
SK7959 : North Muskham Services by Richard Croft
SK8059 : St Giles' church, Holme by J.Hannan-Briggs
SK8060 : Sluice bridge over Slough Dyke by Tim Heaton
SK7959 : Potato field near North Muskham by Bill Boaden
SK8059 : Holme: St Giles by John Sutton
SK8059 : Holme Lane by Richard Croft
SK8059 : Old Central Cross by Main Street, Holme, Holme Parish by Milestone Society
SK8060 : Gauging cableway over the Trent by Tim Heaton
SK8058 : North Muskham near the River Trent by Mat Fascione
SK7959 : North Road Farm by N Chadwick
SK8159 : Langford view by Richard Croft
SK8060 : Lodge Farm next to the River Trent by Mat Fascione
SK8159 : Wood near Langford by Jonathan Thacker
SK8059 : Holme: St Giles - the Barton Tomb by John Sutton
SK8159 : Cycle route near to Langford by Christine Hasman
SK7959 : Muskham Lake in winter by Trevor Rickard
SK8159 : Langford Crossing by Tim Heaton
SK8058 : Flooding near Holme by Jonathan Thacker
SK7959 : Western side of North Muskham Lake Nature Reserve by peter robinson
SK8060 : Remote back scratcher by Chris Morgan
SK7959 : The A1 at North Muskham, from the railway by Christopher Hilton
SK8159 : Langford Crossing by Richard Croft
SK7959 : East Coast main railway line crossing North Muskham by Steve  Fareham
SK8159 : View from Langford Crossing by Richard Croft
SK8059 : Sloes by Richard Croft
SK8059 : Holme: looking south in February by John Sutton
SK8059 : Holme: St Giles by John Sutton
SK8059 : Farm track near Holme by JThomas
SK8159 : Footbridge across Slough Dyke by Mat Fascione
SK8058 : Pasture land south of Holme village by Mat Fascione
SK8160 : Old gravel pits make a new nature reserve by Chris Morgan
SK8060 : Above Cromwell Lock by Graham Horn
SK8058 : Trent Valley Way near Holme by Christine Hasman
SK8059 : Gothic Farmhouse and Holme village by Christine Hasman
SK8059 : Nan Scott's Chamber by Richard Croft
SK8058 : Old Hall Farm, Holme by Christine Hasman
SK8060 : Trent Valley Way crossing Slough Dyke by Christine Hasman
SK8160 : RSPB reserve near Cromwell Lock by Joan Priestley
SK8059 : St.Giles' church, Holme, Notts. by Richard Croft

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