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SD5393 : Sandylands by Peter McDermott
SD5293 : The Duke of Cumberland by Rose and Trev Clough
SD5192 : Former World War One Drill Hall, Kendal by Karl and Ali
SD5091 : A591  from  Brigsteer  Road by Martin Dawes
SD5393 : Footpath to Kendal via Fowling Lane by Alexander P Kapp
SD4992 : Underbarrow Road crosses the A591 by Anthony Parkes
SD5191 : Bellingham Road, Kendal by Bill Boaden
SD5393 : Wall above Kendal by Michael Graham
SD5192 : Shop, Kirkland by Alexander P Kapp
SD5192 : Captain French Lane, Kendal by Humphrey Bolton
SD5193 : Kendal - Wildman Street by Dave Bevis
SD5292 : The moat of Kendal Castle by Bill Boaden
SD4993 : Evening on Cunswick Scar by Karl and Ali
SD5094 : Madgegill Farm by mauldy
SD5192 : Kendal Town Hall by Rose and Trev Clough
SD5192 : River Kent Kendal by edward mcmaihin
SD5192 : Riverside walkway looking north to Jenning's Yard Footbridge by Peter Turner
SD5292 : Crocus bed in Parkside Cemetery by Bill Boaden
SD5190 : River Kent by Scroggs Wood by Bill Boaden
SD4992 : Bench mark on gatepost, Gamblesmire Lane by Karl and Ali
SD5192 : Michael CL Hodgson, Kendal by Kenneth  Allen
SD5291 : Burton Road, Kendal by Stephen McKay
SD5192 : Highgate, Kendal by Kenneth  Allen
SD5193 : Entrance to Kendal station platform by Richard Vince
SD4994 : Cunswick Fell by David Purchase
SD5390 : Platform 2, Oxenholme Railway Station by JThomas
SD5192 : Beast Banks, Kendal by Roger Cornfoot
SD5392 : West Coast Main Line by Peter McDermott
SD4993 : Approaching the dip on Cunswick Scar by Karl and Ali
SD5294 : Thirlmere Aqueduct by Ian Taylor
SD5091 : Sheep Pasture Near Bradleyfield by Mick Garratt
SD5193 : River Kent at Dockwray Footbridge by Ian Taylor
SD5291 : Bus stop and shelter on Burton Road (A65) by JThomas
SD5192 : Kendal Bench Mark by David Rogers
SD5093 : Fairfield Lane, Kendal by David Smith
SD4990 : Erratic boulder, Helsington Barrows by Karl and Ali
SD5092 : Houses below The Heights, Kendal Fell by Karl and Ali
SD5390 : Oxenholme Station by Chris Morgan
SD5294 : Spittal Farm by Michael Graham
SD5192 : Summerhill care home, Captain French Lane, Kendal by Humphrey Bolton
SD4990 : Brigsteer Road by Stephen McKay
SD5292 : Part of the remains of Kendal Castle by Adie Jackson
SD4994 : Cow in a field of buttercups by Toadpool Farm by Bill Boaden
SD5193 : St Thomas's Church, Kendal by Bill Boaden
SD5192 : Benchmark on #8 Beast Banks by Roger Templeman
SD5293 : Kendal Cricket Club entrance by Mike Green
SD5393 : Covered Reservoir by Alexander P Kapp
SD4990 : On Helsington Barrows by Michael Graham
SD4994 : Toadpool Farm by Bill Boaden
SD5390 : Oxenholme station by Peter Whatley
SD5193 : Kendal Green by Michael Graham
SD5191 : Nether Bridge on the River Kent, Kendal by ally McGurk
SD5293 : Queen Katherine School Kendal by Michael Graham
SD5192 : River Kent, Kendal by David Medcalf
SD5192 : Roman Catholic Church, New Road, Kendal by Humphrey Bolton
SD5192 : Market Place, Kendal by Humphrey Bolton
SD5192 : Gooseholme, Kendal by Humphrey Bolton

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