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TQ2480 : Benchmark on Flat #86 of Nottingwood House by Roger Templeman
TQ2578 : Pathway to Philbeach Gardens by PAUL FARMER
TQ2579 : Leave no litter by Peter Barr
TQ2479 : Covered walkway in Holland Park by Rod Allday
TQ2579 : Thackeray St, Kensington by John Lord
TQ2478 : North End Road - B317 by Sandy B
TQ2580 : Church of St George by N Chadwick
TQ2479 : The garden of the Leighton House Museum by Sandy Gemmill
TQ2480 : Arundel Ladbroke gardens by David Hawgood
TQ2578 : 1 Collinham Gardens by Basher Eyre
TQ2478 : Perham Road, W14 by Derek Harper
TQ2578 : Bench at entrance to Collingham Gardens London by PAUL FARMER
TQ2579 : Design Museum, former Commonwealth Institute by David Hawgood
TQ2480 : St Peter, Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill - Pulpit by John Salmon
TQ2478 : On the A4 in West Kensington by Paul Harrop
TQ2580 : Kensington Palace by David Martin
TQ2578 : Looking along Warwick Road from the entrance to Earls Court Station by Shazz
TQ2580 : Hillgate Street by Oast House Archive
TQ2679 : Top Quality Victorian Cast-Iron at the Queen's Gate by tristan forward
TQ2579 : Kensington Palace by Paul Gillett
TQ2478 : St Andrew, St Andrews Road, West Kensington W14 - Organ by John Salmon
TQ2480 : Kensington Park Gardens by John Salmon
TQ2478 : St Andrew, St Andrews Road, West Kensington W14 - Sanctuary by John Salmon
TQ2480 : Garden square of Royal Crescent, Kensington by David Hawgood
TQ2679 : Coffee bar, Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2010 by David Hawgood
TQ2580 : Underground atmosphere by Alan Murray-Rust
TQ2580 : Kensington Palace Vicinity, London by David Hallam-Jones
TQ2478 : Penfold postbox, Pembroke Gardens, W8 - royal cipher and crest by Mike Quinn
TQ2578 : Earls Court Exhibition Building by Shazz
TQ2579 : Thackeray Street by Martin Addison
TQ2480 : St James's Gardens, Norland Estate by David Hawgood
TQ2580 : Aylesford, 103 Kensington Church Street W8 by Robin Sones
TQ2478 : Fairburn House & Churchward House, W14 by Phillip Perry
TQ2578 : St Luke, Redcliffe Gardens - Stained glass window by John Salmon
TQ2580 : Spire, Church of St Matthew by N Chadwick
TQ2479 : Orange Way after Wiltshire (636) by Shazz
TQ2479 : Holland Park Avenue by N Chadwick
TQ2679 : Kensington Gate, London by Rossographer
TQ2480 : Addison Avenue, W11 by Christopher Hilton
TQ2479 : Addison Crescent / Holland Road by Sandy B
TQ2679 : Interior of the Royal Albert Hall by Rod Allday
TQ2478 : Hammersmith & West London College by Des Blenkinsopp
TQ2579 : Christ Church, Victoria Road - Sanctuary mosaic by John Salmon
TQ2478 : Citizen's Advice Bureau, Mund Street W14 by Robin Sones
TQ2578 : Demolishing Earls Court by Des Blenkinsopp
TQ2479 : Holland Road, W14 by Danny P Robinson
TQ2478 : St Andrew, St Andrews Road, West Kensington W14 - Statue by John Salmon
TQ2578 : View up Earls Court Square from Warwick Road by Robert Lamb
TQ2478 : Olympia facade by Sandy B
TQ2480 : Holland Park Avenue, W11 by Phillip Perry
TQ2480 : Portobello Road, W11 by Danny P Robinson
TQ2480 : Notting Hill by Rosalind Mitchell
TQ2479 : Fountain in the Kyoto Garden, Holland Park, Kensington by John Goodall
TQ2580 : Entrance to Kensington Palace Gardens by Danny P Robinson
TQ2579 : Corner of Kensington High Street and Kensington Church Street. Kensington by Gary Houston
TQ2578 : Empress State Building by Danny P Robinson
TQ2479 : Charles House, Kensington High Street, London W14 by Robin Sones
TQ2580 : Queen Victoria, statue in Kensington Gardens by David Hawgood

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