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NY2623 : Statue of Max the Miracle Dog in Hope Park by pam fray
NY2724 : Towards Skiddaw by Ian Capper
NY2825 : Underskiddaw car park by Stephen Craven
NY2622 : Crow Park in Keswick by Jennifer Petrie
NY2822 : Bridge over the Brockle Beck by Richard Webb
NY2421 : Towards Newlands by Chris Thomas-Atkin
NY2725 : Gorse bushes, Mallen Dodd by Adrian Taylor
NY2824 : Camping pods at Low Briery Holiday Park by Oliver Dixon
NY2725 : Bridleway to Keswick by Hugh Venables
NY2622 : Uprooted trees by Roger Smith
NY2723 : Old railway bridge: detail by Stephen Craven
NY2422 : Streamlet through woodland by Trevor Littlewood
NY2724 : On Latrigg Fell by Chris Thomas-Atkin
NY2823 : Cycle path nearing Greta bridge by Robert Eva
NY2822 : Footpath above Brockle Beck by Bill Boaden
NY2424 : Towards Millbeck by Peter Trimming
NY2623 : Upstream along the Greta by DS Pugh
NY2521 : Submerged landing stage at Hawse End by Trevor Littlewood
NY2524 : Old Boundary Marker by D Phillips
NY2724 : The Cumbria Way near Ewe How by Adrian Taylor
NY2724 : Spooneygreen Lane by Robert Struthers
NY2824 : Woodland track, Forge Brow by Adrian Taylor
NY2823 : Field with rushes near to Keswick by Trevor Littlewood
NY2622 : Derwentwater, Keswick by pam fray
NY2422 : Log piles near Swinside by DS Pugh
NY2623 : A wet Saturday morning in Keswick by David Purchase
NY2622 : Crow Park in Keswick by Jennifer Petrie
NY2823 : Approach to the Bobbin Mill Tunnel by Oliver Dixon
NY2825 : View over Whit Beck towards Latrigg by Oliver Dixon
NY2723 : The Cumbria Way behind Keswick Leisure Pool by Adrian Taylor
NY2724 : Seat with a view by Gareth James
NY2622 : Rowing boats for hire by DS Pugh
NY2621 : Calfclose Bay, Derwent Water by Ian Taylor
NY2623 : Bend in the Greta by DS Pugh
NY2623 : The Chief Justice of The Common Pleas by Ian Taylor
NY2825 : Whit Beck Ford by Adrian Taylor
NY2622 : Keswick Landing Stages, Derwent Water by Anthony Foster
NY2623 : St John's Street: datestone on the old school by Basher Eyre
NY2721 : Derwent Water by yorkshirelad
NY2521 : Hawse End landing stage by Stephen Craven
NY2624 : The end of Spoonygreen Lane by Adrian Taylor
NY2524 : Keswick, Derwent bridge by David Phillips
NY2422 : Track, Swinside by Michael Graham
NY2623 : The Wainwright, Lake Road, Keswick by Stephen Craven
NY2525 : Old Milestone, A591, Millbeck by Terry Moore
NY2622 : Plaque to Canon Rawnsley on Lake Road by Stephen Craven
NY2624 : Flood defences at Fitz Parks by David Medcalf
NY2723 : Solitary tree in the grounds of Windebrowe by Stephen Craven
NY2623 : Lucaâs Ristorante by Adrian Taylor
NY2522 : Derwent Bank by Chris Thomas-Atkin
NY2521 : Hawes End Outdoor Centre by Colin Pyle
NY2725 : Latrigg Car Park by Mick Garratt
NY2522 : Nichol End Derwentwater - Flooding and Damage by John Proctor
NY2623 : River Greta in Full Flood by Mick Garratt
NY2622 : Derwent Water from Friars Crag by Richard Human
NY2621 : The 'Hundred Year Stone', Derwent Water by Philip Halling
NY2723 : Keswick Railway Station - the last day by Adrian Taylor
NY2523 : Footpath to Keswick from Portinscale - flooded by John Proctor

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