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NY2724 : Towards Skiddaw by Ian Capper
NY2623 : River Greta in Keswick by Graham Robson
NY2623 : Keswick St John: memorial (3) by Basher Eyre
NY2623 : Skiddaw from Keswick by Mike Pennington
NY2723 : Old Direction Sign - Signpost by Milestone Society
NY2623 : Keswick from the Queens Hotel by David Purchase
NY2622 : Keswick jetty on Derwentwater by Graham Hogg
NY2824 : Sheep grazing on Latrigg by Christine Johnstone
NY2725 : View to the south-west from the Underscar Manor hotel by Ian Cunliffe
NY2623 : Crow Park Road, Keswick by Brian Clift
NY2523 : Embankment carrying B5289 by Trevor Littlewood
NY2825 : Whit Beck by David Purchase
NY2821 : View of Keswick from the Slopes of Walla Crag by Mick Garratt
NY2623 : War Memorial, Keswick by Malc McDonald
NY2825 : The path to Skiddaw by Anthony Foster
NY2625 : Applethwaite by Peter Trimming
NY2723 : Path to Penrith Road by Robert Eva
NY2422 : Road near Swinside by Anthony Parkes
NY2724 : Keswick and Derwent Water from Latrigg by Ian Capper
NY2524 : Crosthwaite Parish Church (Chancel) by David Dixon
NY2424 : Bank of the River Derwent near How Farm by Anthony Parkes
NY2825 : Path on Latrigg by Gareth James
NY2522 : Hedgerow and trees on the Lingholm Estate by Oliver Dixon
NY2721 : Paths in Great Wood by Ian S
NY2622 : Public toilets in lakeside car park, Keswick by Graham Robson
NY2623 : The Cumberland Pencil Museum in Keswick by Steve Daniels
NY2623 : Gulf petrol station, Keswick by Hugh Venables
NY2622 : Kayaking on Derwent Water by Mike Pennington
NY2423 : Ullock and the C2C by Oliver Dixon
NY2523 : River Derwent, Upstream from Portinscale Bridge by David Dixon
NY2622 : Friar's Crag by David Dixon
NY2424 : Flooded field on the Derwent flood plain by Bill Boaden
NY2422 : Pow How on Swinside by Graham Robson
NY2725 : Bee Hives on the Fellside Near Underscar by Mick Garratt
NY2723 : Forge Mill, Brigham, Keswick by Chris Allen
NY2623 : Remains of the footbridge over the river Greta by Richard Swales
NY2421 : View from Skelgill Bank by DS Pugh
NY2822 : The path leading to Great Wood by Ian S
NY2823 : River Greta, Brigham, Keswick by Chris Allen
NY2824 : Greta bridges â Bridge 3 by Ian Capper
NY2623 : Keswick St John: memorial (12) by Basher Eyre
NY2525 : Public footpath, Low Grove Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY2523 : The Moorhen  (Gallinula chloropus) on the nest by Des Colhoun
NY2623 : Keswick Pharmacy, Yerxa Lane by Basher Eyre
NY2522 : Derwent Bank Hotel by Mike White
NY2623 : Gates to Fitz Park by Stephen Craven
NY2624 : View Towards Skiddaw by Peter Trimming
NY2623 : Tall guest houses by Rose and Trev Clough
NY2621 : Stones by Robin Baker
NY2725 : Mallen Dodd by Ian Capper
NY2521 : Hawes End Outdoor Centre by Colin Pyle
NY2725 : Latrigg Car Park by Mick Garratt
NY2522 : Nichol End Derwentwater - Flooding and Damage by John Proctor
NY2623 : River Greta in Full Flood by Mick Garratt
NY2622 : Derwent Water from Friars Crag by Richard Human
NY2523 : Footpath to Keswick from Portinscale - flooded by John Proctor
NY2621 : The 'Hundred Year Stone', Derwent Water by Philip Halling
NY2723 : Former Keswick Railway Station by Mick Garratt

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