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SD9771 : Parallel strips of fields south of Kettlewell by David Smith
SD9870 : Scree slope by Stephen Craven
SD9672 : A channel of the River Wharfe, Kettlewell by Humphrey Bolton
SD9772 : St. Mary, Kettlewell: memorial (I) by Basher Eyre
SD9970 : Moorland path and wall by Gordon Hatton
SD9973 : This has been a boggy trudge by Ian Greig
SD9975 : Park Gill by Richard Swales
SD9873 : Hag Dyke by Graham Robson
SD9771 : Stone and iron barns by Stephen Craven
SD9772 : Sign for the Kings Head by Maigheach-gheal
SE0072 : Path up Sweet Hill by Stephen Craven
SE0073 : Winter 2009 looking westward across Wharfedale by Stan Appleton
SD9973 : Path to Hagg Dyke by Mick Garratt
SD9771 : Hawkswick Head Lane off Conistone Lane by Ian S
SD9672 : Derelict West Field Barn by P Gaskell
SD9772 : St.Mary's Church, Kettlewell by Tom Richardson
SD9970 : Disused Mineshaft on Conistone Moor by Steve Partridge
SD9875 : The road to Kettlewell by Gordon Hatton
SD9973 : Western flanks of Great Whernside by steven ruffles
SE0071 : Sluggish Watercourse below Sweet Hill by Chris Heaton
SD9772 : Kettlewell Beck by Tim Heaton
SD9972 : Dowber Gill Beck near Providence Pot by Chris Heaton
SD9970 : View toward Great Whernside by Stephen Craven
SE0073 : Fellsman Hike, Great Whernside summit 1978 by Jim Barton
SD9672 : The Racehorses, Kettlewell by michael ely
SD9875 : Paths towards Great Whernside by DS Pugh
SE0074 : The summit of Blackfell Top by Graham Robson
SD9973 : Climbing Great Whernside by Graham Robson
SD9771 : Scargill House by John H Darch
SD9970 : Coming off the moor by Tim Heaton
SD9771 : Scargill chapel from the east by Stephen Craven
SE0073 : Cut bench mark and trig point, Great Whernside by Karl and Ali
SD9872 : Bridleway gate near Rain Slack by Tom Richardson
SD9772 : St. Mary, Kettlewell: memorial (V) by Basher Eyre
SD9772 : Former Police House, Kettlewell by Ian S
SD9772 : Cam Gill Road, Kettlewell closed for the Tour by Stephen Craven
SD9970 : Small area of limestone pavement on the moor by Stephen Craven
SD9972 : End of Bridleway by Mick Garratt
SD9874 : The road to Coverdale by Ian Greig
SD9773 : Route to Hay Tonge Farm by Chris Heaton
SD9672 : Upper Wharfedale seen from Middlesmoor Pastures by Allan Friswell
SE0072 : On the Flanks of Sweet Hill by Chris Heaton
SD9771 : Grassland on Langcliffe by Graham Robson
SD9772 : St. Mary's Church, Kettlewell by Tom Pennington
SD9772 : Kettlewell village, Wharfedale, North Yorkshire by Chris Wood
SD9975 : Descending off Great Whernside by Chris Heaton
SD9971 : Public Footpath by Mick Garratt
SE0072 : View south from the slopes of Sweet Hill by Richard Swales
SD9973 : Footpath near Hag Dyke by Chris Heaton
SD9773 : Top Mere Road to Cam Head by Ian S
SD9774 : Park Rash by John Illingworth
SD9771 : Scargill House, Near Kettlewell, photo 1948 by William Holdsworth 1922-1969
SD9874 : Entrance into Dow Cave by Nigel Auty
SD9672 : Blue Bell Inn, Kettlewell, Wharfedale by Doug Elliot
SD9772 : Scarecrow wedding at the church in Kettlewell by John Turner
SD9873 : Hag Dyke Farm by anthony buckley
SD9875 : Tor Dike by John Harvey
SD9672 : Racehorses Hotel, Kettlewell, Wharfedale by Doug Elliot

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