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S8959 : A sad supplemental for S8959 by Sarah777
S8859 : The first flyunder in County Carlow by Sarah777
S8959 : River Slaney, County Wexford, County Carlow by Sarah777
S8859 : Kildavin village by Dylan Moore
S8860 : Houses at north end of Kildavin by Dylan Moore
S8959 : The Gate of Tears, looking south from by Sarah777
S8959 : Saint Pauls Church Kildavin by liam murphy
S8959 : The Wexford, Carlow borderlands by N Chadwick
S8858 : Farmland at Ballypierce by Graham Horn
S8958 : Cemex quarry by Graham Horn
S9059 : Bridge by liam murphy

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