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SO2956 : The Burton Hotel by Philip Halling
SO2956 : The Burton Hotel, Kington by Philip Pankhurst
SO2857 : A44 on the western outskirts of Kington by Peter Whatley
SO3057 : A44 Kington bypass by Peter Whatley
SO2856 : Rhododendrons at Hergest Croft Gardens by Philip Halling
SO3154 : Elsdon by Richard Webb
SO2755 : Road junction near Hergest Court by Philip Halling
SO2956 : Kington war memorial - plaque 6 by Bob Embleton
SO2754 : Mahollam Farm by Roger Cornfoot
SO3056 : The Meads, Kington  by Robin Stott
SO2856 : Redwood at Hergest Croft Garden by Jonathan Billinger
SO2854 : Oak trees and farmland by Philip Halling
SO2755 : Lower Hergest by Trevor Rickard
SO3154 : Rhodds Farm Garden by Philip Pankhurst
SO2956 : Path to former tramway, Kington by Jaggery
SO2856 : Hergest Croft by Philip Halling
SO2958 : Lane to The Bower by Peter Whatley
SO2956 : Queen's Head, Kington by Philip Pankhurst
SO3156 : A44 begins the descent to Kington by Peter Whatley
SO3058 : Black-faced Sheep by Jonathan Billinger
SO2758 : Stained glass window in the chapel at Dunfield House by A Holmes
SO2856 : Hergest Mill - crown wheel by Chris Allen
SO2754 : Cattle feeding at Mahollam farm by Roger Cornfoot
SO3157 : Bridge crossing the River Arrow by Philip Halling
SO2956 : Duke Street, Kington by Philip Pankhurst
SO3058 : Crossroads at Rushock by Philip Halling
SO2957 : Barton Farm, Kington by Jim Barton
SO2855 : Grassland west of Hergest Road by Trevor Rickard
SO3056 : Houses on Victoria Road by Des Blenkinsopp
SO3058 : Roadside at Rushock by Philip Halling
SO2958 : Foxgloves in the rocks by Des Blenkinsopp
SO3155 : Track to Rhodds Farm by John Winder
SO2756 : Footpath on Hergest Ridge by Philip Halling
SO2956 : The A44, Kington by David Howard
SO2857 : Kington Golf Course by Des Blenkinsopp
SO2856 : Hergest Croft Gardens by Philip Halling
SO3056 : Ye Olde Tavern, Kington by Jaggery
SO3157 : Cottage on the lane from Lyonshall Park Wood by Peter Whatley
SO2954 : White-faced Owl at Small Breeds Farm and Owl Centre, Kington, Herefordshire by Christine Matthews
SO3154 : Road between Lyonshall and Bollingham by Richard Webb
SO2956 : Boarded up Sheep...err...Shop by Des Blenkinsopp
SO2757 : A44 at the junction for Dunfield by Peter Whatley
SO2855 : Newhouse, Bredward by Roger Cornfoot
SO2858 : Summit area of Bradnor Hill by Trevor Littlewood
SO2757 : Vestry Farm sign by Richard Webb
SO2958 : Small oak wood on side of Bradnor Hill by Tim Heaton
SO3154 : Rhodds Farm Garden by Philip Pankhurst
SO3056 : Road through the estate by Bill Nicholls
SO2956 : Royal Oak Inn, Kington by Jaggery
SO2956 : Playing fields in Kington by Jeremy Bolwell
SO2956 : St Mary's Church, Kington, Herefordshire by Ruth Harris
SO2758 : Dunfield House by A Holmes
SO3056 : Cast iron information sign by Phil Catterall
SO2956 : Church Street, Kington by Ruth Harris
SO2856 : Hergest Croft - ornamental orchard by Andrew Jones
SO2956 : Kington war memorial - plaque 4 by Bob Embleton
SO2956 : Kington war memorial - plaque 5 by Bob Embleton

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