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NX8354 : Shore near Chapman's Stone, Kippford by Richard Sutcliffe
NX8555 : Rock Cottage by Richard Sutcliffe
NX8153 : Orchardton House by Colin Kinnear
NX8454 : Mote of Mark from sea shore path by Andrew Curtis
NX8355 : Ready to go by Jonathan Wilkins
NX8454 : Polished granite, Roughfirth by Jonathan Wilkins
NX8355 : Boat storage by Jonathan Wilkins
NX8354 : Foreshore  upgrading  at  Kippford by Martin Dawes
NX8555 : Approaching the entrance to Auchenhill by Ann Cook
NX8556 : Track in Dalbeattie Forest by Colin Kinnear
NX8354 : Roadside Display of Rocks with Eyes by thejackrustles
NX8252 : Big Pine by Ed Iglehart
NX8454 : Rocky Shore Kippford by Steve Houldsworth
NX8253 : Grazing cows by Jonathan Wilkins
NX8354 : Cockle shell beach at Kippford by Colin Kinnear
NX8555 : Dalbeattie Forest by Richard Webb
NX8254 : Old Track Leading to Cocklehaen by Ed Iglehart
NX8355 : Pontoon, Kippford by Richard Webb
NX8354 : Coastal lane in Kippford by Darrin Antrobus
NX8254 : View to The Holm by Jonathan Wilkins
NX8353 : View of Rough Firth by Anthony O'Neil
NX8355 : Gate into the woods by Richard Sutcliffe
NX8354 : Lichen-encrusted outcrop by Jonathan Wilkins
NX8556 : Logging road, Dalbeattie Forest by Richard Webb
NX8454 : Shell banks by Jonathan Wilkins
NX8354 : Shell Beach Kippford by Steve Houldsworth
NX8355 : Garden Wall 'Fairfield', Kippford by Jonathan Glew
NX8354 : The village shop, Kippford by Ann Cook
NX8253 : Closed Gate, Almorness by Richard Sutcliffe
NX8355 : Moorings at Kippford from the Jetty. by Colin Smith
NX8354 : Rocky shoreline near Kippford by Colin Kinnear
NX8355 : Whim Cottage, Kippford by Jonathan Glew
NX8355 : Boat beside the slipway, Kippford by Richard Sutcliffe
NX8454 : Rough Island by Iain Russell
NX8354 : Old postbox at Kippford by Gordon Brown
NX8454 : Causeway to Rough Island by Ann Cook
NX8354 : Mole Cottage, Kippford by Jonathan Glew
NX8354 : Ice-smoothed outcrop by Jonathan Wilkins
NX8153 : Orchardton House by Ed Iglehart
NX8454 : Granite outcrop shore by Jonathan Wilkins
NX8454 : Apple blossom by Richard Sutcliffe
NX8454 : Shell Beach, Roughfirth Road by Steve Houldsworth
NX8355 : Abandoned boat, Kippford by Richard Sutcliffe
NX8353 : Rough Firth at low tide by Richard Sutcliffe
NX8355 : Boats laid up for the winter at Kippford sailing club by Anthony O'Neil
NX8252 : Big Pine in Oakbank Wood by Ed Iglehart
NX8555 : Laneway off A710 near Rock Cottage, Colvend by Anthony O'Neil
NX8354 : Low tide, Kippford by Richard Sutcliffe
NX8254 : Almorness Gates and Car Park by James Bell
NX8354 : Seaside shelter, Kippford by Richard Sutcliffe
NX8354 : Cockle Shell Beach, near Kippford, Dumfries & Galloway by Elizabeth Veitch
NX8354 : Cockle shell beach at Kippford by Oliver Dixon
NX8355 : The Anchor Hotel, Kipford by Bill Henderson
NX8555 : Clonyard Farm, Colvend by Anthony O'Neil
NX8454 : Rough Island from Mote of Mark, near Dalbeattie by David Hawgood
NX8253 : Almorness House by Ed Iglehart
NX8354 : Rough Firth at Kippford by Gordon Brown

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