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SE5116 : "The Shoulder of  Mutton" in Kirk Smeaton by Neil Theasby
SE5116 : Post Office on Main Street, Kirk Smeaton by Ian S
SE5115 : Farmland, Middle Field by JThomas
SE5117 : Flowery verge by Christine Johnstone
SE5114 : Field of order and chaos by Christine Johnstone
SE5016 : Gate for footpath leading from Went Edge Road towards Smeaton Pasture by Carol Rose
SE5117 : Tanker in field alongside New Road near Little Smeaton by Steve  Fareham
SE5116 : Main Street, Kirk Smeaton by JThomas
SE5116 : Bench mark and bolt, St Peter's Church, Kirk Smeaton by Alan Murray-Rust
SE5016 : Field edged with flowers by Christine Johnstone
SE5015 : Great bales of straw by Steve  Fareham
SE5117 : Wild flower border by Christine Johnstone
SE5114 : Missed this bit by Christine Johnstone
SE5017 : Brockadale Nature Reserve, Kirk Smeaton by Ian S
SE5117 : Flowering bush on field boundary by Christine Johnstone
SE5116 : Shoulder of Mutton, Kirk Smeaton by Ian S
SE5017 : Brockadale nature reserve by Gordon Hatton
SE5116 : Brockadale. by steven ruffles
SE5117 : Footpath to the nature reserve by Christine Johnstone
SE5114 : Long Lane, looking south by Christine Johnstone
SE5116 : Four gates by Jonathan Thacker
SE5017 : Track through Brockadale Plantation by Christine Johnstone
SE5017 : Brockadale  and  River  Went by Martin Dawes
SE5115 : Disused Railway, crossing Long Lane, Near Kirk Smeaton by Bill Henderson
SE5016 : Electricity pylons west of Kirk Smeaton by Neil Theasby
SE5115 : Flea Lane, from Long Lane Railway Bridge by Bill Henderson
SE5015 : Upper Wells, Middlefield Lane. by Bill Henderson
SE5017 : Footpath entrance. by Bill Henderson
SE5116 : Footpath off Main Street, Kirk Smeaton by Ian S
SE5015 : A1, northbound by N Chadwick
SE5117 : Leys Lane, Little Smeaton by Bill Henderson
SE5017 : A paddling pool for Sally. by Bill Henderson
SE5114 : Large field east of Long Lane by Christine Johnstone
SE5117 : Valley of the River Went by Gordon Hatton
SE5116 : Path up the hill by Jonathan Thacker
SE5015 : A1 under the power lines by Robin Webster
SE5015 : Telegraph pole as ruler by Christine Johnstone
SE5017 : Brockadale bridge by derek dye
SE5114 : Farmland off Whiteley Road by JThomas
SE5115 : Flea Lane by John Slater
SE5117 : Paths and pylons by derek dye
SE5117 : New Road, Little Smeaton from the Junction with Leys Lane. by Bill Henderson
SE5015 : Power line crossing above the stubble by Christine Johnstone
SE5015 : Hedgerow trees alongside stubble field by Christine Johnstone
SE5017 : Brockadale woods by derek dye
SE5116 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark with Bolt by Peter Wood
SE5115 : Fly tipping by the former railway bridge, Long Lane by Christine Johnstone
SE5115 : Flea Lane by Christine Johnstone
SE5116 : Footpath towards Smeaton Pasture by Ian S
SE5017 : Looking southwards along a footpath through the centre of Brockadale Plantation. by Bill Henderson
SE5116 : Kirk Smeaton- The Shoulder of Mutton Pub by Bill Henderson
SE5116 : Kirk Smeaton, Shoulder of Mutton Public House by Gordon Kneale Brooke
SE5117 : Pylons across Smeaton Leys, with Eggborough Power Station on the horizon. by Bill Henderson
SE5116 : Smeaton Crags by Jonathan Thacker
SE5017 : Kids paddling in the River Went by Bill Henderson

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