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NY7606 : A685 approaching Kirkby Stephen railway station by Trevor Littlewood
NY7908 : Hartley Quarries, near Kirkby Stephen by M J Richardson
NY7808 : Hartley Quarry from Merrygill Viaduct by David Brown
NY7708 : Shops and church, Kirkby Stephen by SMJ
NY7508 : Saw-wort (Serratula tinctoria), Waitby Greenriggs Nature Reserve by Andrew Curtis
NY7907 : Gate on the Coast to Coast Walk by Ray Woodcraft
NY7709 : The path to Frank's Bridge by Karl and Ali
NY7708 : Bank barn by the River Eden by Ian Taylor
NY7607 : Service reservoir above Kirkby Stephen by Stephen Craven
NY7807 : Valley of Ladthwaite Beck by Trevor Littlewood
NY7507 : The Tornado by James Johnstone
NY7706 : Nateby by Carl Bendelow
NY7606 : Carlisle bound train at Kirkby Stephen (1990) by The Carlisle Kid
NY7607 : Halfpenny House by David Brown
NY7509 : Farmyard at Riddlesay by Karl and Ali
NY7909 : Footpath to Whingill by Gordon Hatton
NY7606 : Kirkby Stephen West Station by Wilson Adams
NY7807 : Bridge over former railway by Christine Johnstone
NY7907 : The footpath to Ladthwaite by Andy Waddington
NY7508 : Eden Valley Railway line by David Brown
NY7606 : Kirkby Stephen railway station by Andrew Abbott
NY7708 : View up river from Frank's Bridge Kirkby Stephen by Ian Drummond
NY7706 : The Black Bull at Nateby by Stephen Craven
NY7506 : Gateway and cattle grid near Easegill Head by SMJ
NY7708 : Frank's Bridge by Oliver Dixon
NY7606 : Kirkby Stephen station: bridge (2) by Stephen Craven
NY7708 : Sign for the Black Bull Hotel, Kirkby Stephen by Karl and Ali
NY7708 : Field barn by the River Eden by Andy Waddington
NY7907 : Brian Saunders Memorial Seat by Tom Courtney
NY7807 : Barn above Ladthwaite Beck by Stephen Craven
NY7606 : Kirkby Stephen Station by David Rogers
NY7609 : Electricity Sub Station by Alexander P Kapp
NY7607 : Barn at Intake Bottom Farm by Stephen Craven
NY7608 : Stobars Hall from the north by Andrew Curtis
NY7907 : Birkett Hill from Birkett Hill by Dave Dunford
NY7808 : Village street, Hartley by Gordon Hatton
NY7609 : Barn and Buttercups by Greg Fitchett
NY7606 : Kirkby Stephen station: floral display by Stephen Craven
NY7810 : Winton United Church Baptist Methodist, Winton by Alexander P Kapp
NY7509 : Route of the old railway at Waitby Crossing by Bill Boaden
NY7708 : Lane beside churchyard, Kirkby Stephen by David McMumm
NY7808 : Stone circle, Hellgill Howe by David Brown
NY7606 : RM835 And A685 by James T M Towill
NY7907 : Hill above Hartley Beck by Trevor Littlewood
NY7910 : Footpath on dismantled railway by David Brown
NY7806 : Disused Quarry by David Brown
NY7508 : Bridge over dismantled railway, Waitby Greenriggs by Stephen Craven
NY7708 : Kirkby Stephen Market Square by David Dixon
NY7507 : Bridge carrying the Settle To Carlisle Railway by John Allan
NY7706 : Gate in the wall, Nateby by Maigheach-gheal
NY7607 : Kirkby Stephen East Railway by Alan Usher
NY7708 : Kirkby Stephen by Carl Bendelow
NY7708 : Bloody Bones Lane by Stephen Craven
NY7708 : Intensive sheep farming near Hartley by Stephen Craven
NY7606 : Kirkby Stephen station: signal box and goods shed by Stephen Craven
NY7708 : The Loki Stone, Kirkby Stephen Church by Karl and Ali
NY7607 : Stainmore Railway: footbridge by Stephen Craven

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