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SE1151 : Middleton Moor, Ilkley by Roger Foyle
SE0951 : Hillside below Beacon Hill House by Christine Johnstone
SE0851 : Farmland off Lowfield Lane by Peter Barr
SE1051 : Moorland stream coming from Delves Tarn by Christine Johnstone
SE1052 : Mended boundary stone by John Illingworth
SE0952 : Howber Hill by John Sparshatt
SE1051 : Gateway to Moor End Farm by Derek Parkinson
SE0952 : Looking SE from Beamsley Beacon by Chris Brierly
SE1051 : Moor End Farm, Langbar by Christine Johnstone
SE1052 : The Old Pike by Rude Health
SE1052 : The old Pike by David Brown
SE1051 : Old Milestone by Long Ridge, Middleton Moor by n/a
SE1051 : Moor End Farm by Chris Heaton
SE1152 : Shooting hut beside Loftshaw Gill. by Trevor Littlewood
SE0952 : The last lap to Beamsley Beacon by Allan Friswell
SE1050 : Low Moor, Langbar by Gordon Hatton
SE0951 : Rooftops of Farrand House by Peter Barr
SE1050 : Trig point between Ellishaw Hill and Ling Park by Christine Johnstone
SE0951 : Tour de France celebration by John Illingworth
SE1052 : Someone has been playing here! by John Slater
SE1151 : Track leading onto Middleton Moor Enclosure by Chris Heaton
SE1151 : Track at Delves Beck on Middleton Moor by John Slater
SE1050 : Lane to Nesfield at Low Moor by John Slater
SE1152 : Grouse butt near Pike Bent by John Slater
SE0952 : Cotton Grass and countryside by Gordon Hatton
SE1052 : Mended boundary stone by John Illingworth
SE1152 : Loftshaw Gill Shooting Shelter by Clare Smith
SE0952 : Beamsley Beacon by John Moulson
SE1051 : Track leading onto Langbar Moor by Chris Heaton
SE1050 : Hardings Lane crossing Middleton Low Moor by Christine Johnstone
SE0950 : Dry stone wall by Clare Smith
SE1151 : ROMAN ROAD (course of), Middleton Moor by Clare Smith
SE0952 : Gate with strong spring by Peter Barr
SE1052 : View towards Beamsley Beacon/Old Pike Ridge by Chris Heaton
SE1151 : One Upstanding and One Prone Gatepost by Matthew Hatton
SE1050 : Ling Park Trig Pillar by michael ely
SE1052 : Old Boundary Marker on Beamsley Moor by Milestone Society
SE1052 : Summit of The Old Pike Revisited by Chris Heaton
SE0951 : A wet and windy day on Currer Lane by Christine Johnstone
SE1051 : Gully of a moorland stream coming from Delves Tarn by Christine Johnstone
SE0952 : Lanshaw Bank by Chris Heaton
SE1052 : The Old Pike by Ray Woodcraft
SE1050 : Trig point beside dry stone wall by Trevor Littlewood
SE0950 : Green lane by Clare Smith
SE0951 : Langbar Lane by Chris Heaton
SE0851 : The Dales Way by Ian S
SE1151 : Moorland below Foldshaw Gill by Matthew Hatton
SE0952 : Beamsley Beacon by John Slater
SE0952 : Looking eastward from the Beacon towards Old Pike by Allan Friswell
SE0952 : Beamsley Beacon trig point and view towards Chelker reservoir by Allan Friswell
SE0952 : Beamsley Beacon and Pendle Hill by Jim Brophy
SE1151 : Delves Beck by Clare Smith
SE0950 : Semi-derelict farmhouse NNE of Nesfield by Clare Smith
SE0951 : Dry Stone Wall at Langbar by Derek Parkinson

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