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NT2030 : Trees around Langhaugh by wrobison
NT1929 : Veitch memorial cairn by Jim Barton
NT1930 : Site of St Gordian's Kirk by Richard Webb
NT2129 : ATV track and a grouse butt on Waddyside Rig by wrobison
NT1729 : Path on Kirkhope Rig by Richard Webb
NT2331 : Cairn, Glenrath Heights by Richard Webb
NT1930 : Celtic cross and reputed site of "St Gordianâs Kirk" by Chris Eilbeck
NT1828 : On Dollar Law by Richard Webb
NT2230 : White Cleuch by Jim Barton
NT2128 : Looking across Ling Hope by wrobison
NT1929 : Road down the Manor Valley by Jim Barton
NT2229 : Black Cleuch Hill Summit by Adam Ward
NT2031 : Bridge over the Manor Water, Langhaugh by Chris Eilbeck
NT2431 : Glenrath Heights by david edwards
NT2330 : Worms Cleuch by Jim Barton
NT2131 : Acid moorland on Horse Hope Hill by Jim Barton
NT1731 : Broad Moss from Pykestone Hill by wrobison
NT1730 : Heather moorland south of Pykestone Hill by wrobison
NT1831 : Cloudberries on Northey Knowe by Eileen Henderson
NT1930 : St. Gordianâs Cross by John R Whitehead
NT2229 : View ENE from Black Cleuch Hill by wrobison
NT2431 : Col between Dun Rig and Middle Hill by wrobison
NT2028 : The Manor Valley as seen from path at Redsike Head by Colin Park
NT2029 : Slope on Langhaugh Hill by wrobison
NT2031 : Manor Vallery from the air by Thomas Nugent
NT1831 : Posso Hope below Pykestone Hill by Chris Wimbush
NT2431 : Strummeadow Hill by Trevor Littlewood
NT1931 : The lower slopes of Northey Knowe by M J Richardson
NT2028 : Sting Burn by Jim Barton
NT2129 : Waddyside Rig by Adam Ward
NT2228 : Tracks on Blackhouse Heights by wrobison
NT2130 : Bog, Horse Hope Hill by Richard Webb
NT2431 : Moorland, Dun Rig by Richard Webb
NT1930 : Kirkhope Burn by Richard Webb
NT2029 : Above Mid Grain by Adam Ward
NT1930 : Old gate and fence in Manor valley by wrobison
NT2031 : Manor Water from Langhaugh by david edwards
NT2130 : A summit here somewhere, Horse Hope Hill by Jim Barton
NT2031 : Manor Valley from above Langhaugh by david edwards
NT2228 : Black Cleuch Hill by Richard Webb
NT1731 : Trig Point on Pykestone Hill by Colin Park
NT1931 : The lower slopes of Posso Craig by M J Richardson
NT1828 : Descending Dollar Law by Callum Black
NT2229 : Black Cleuch Head by Richard Webb
NT2130 : Dollar Law from Horse Hope Hill by Jim Barton
NT1729 : Cairn on Kirkhope Rig by Jim Barton
NT1731 : Pykestone Hill's summit plateau by Richard Webb
NT1929 : Dollar plantation by Richard Webb
NT1731 : Pykestone Hill trig by Iain Macaulay
NT2029 : Plantations, Manor Valley by Jim Barton
NT1929 : Memorial Cairn, Manor valley by Chris Eilbeck
NT2031 : Free Range Hens by Adam Ward
NT1930 : Access portal, Megget to Manor tunnel by Jim Barton
NT1731 : Summit of Pykestone Hill by Richard Webb
NT2029 : Grazing, Manor Valley by Richard Webb
NT1929 : Plaque on the Veitch Memorial Cairn, Manor Valley by Jim Barton
NT2231 : Swinchy Cleuch, Glenrath by Jim Barton

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