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NY1645 : The site of what was the local church. by Alexander P Kapp
NY1645 : Minor road junction, Langrigg by JThomas
NY1545 : Grazing, Greenah  by JThomas
NY1645 : Converted windmill, Langrigg Bank by John Lord
NY1545 : Greenah Villa by JThomas
NY1645 : Milestone near Langrigg by John Lord
NY1545 : Scotraby Brow by JThomas
NY1546 : Grazing towards Clappers by JThomas
NY1645 : The Hall, Langrigg by Bob Jenkins
NY1546 : Holme Dub Moss by Matthew Hatton
NY1645 : Capped windmill on Langrigg Bank by Matthew Hatton
NY1645 : New housing, Langrigg by Alexander P Kapp
NY1545 : Greenah Farm by Bob Jenkins
NY1546 : Track to Southerfield House by Matthew Hatton
NY1645 : Park House, Langrigg by JThomas
NY1545 : Grassland in the Black Dub valley by Matthew Hatton
NY1644 : Private Road to Housenrigg by Bob Jenkins
NY1545 : Protective mother & inquizative offspring by Matthew Hatton
NY1645 : Old Milestone by the unclassified road, west of Langrigg Farm by CF Smith
NY1645 : Threeways, Langrigg by Alexander P Kapp
NY1546 : Track to Field by Bob Jenkins
NY1645 : Grazing, Langrigg by JThomas
NY1546 : Field and hedgerow, Greenah  by JThomas
NY1545 : Minor road near Greenah Villa by JThomas
NY1545 : Track to Clappers by JThomas
NY1645 : Croft House, Langrigg by JThomas
NY1645 : House, Langrigg by John Lord
NY1645 : What was "The Coach and Horses Inn" by Alexander P Kapp
NY1645 : Phone Box by Bob Jenkins
NY1645 : Heading north west from Langrigg by JThomas

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