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SE7967 : Woodleigh School Entrance Langton by Michael Jagger
SE7867 : A bridleway towards Manor Farm by Ian S
SE7967 : Witham House Langton by Michael Jagger
SE7966 : Farmland near Langton by JThomas
SE7967 : Stone walls at Langton by Jonathan Thacker
SE8168 : Gallops by East Wold Farm: aerial by Chris
SE7968 : Farmland, Sutton Wold by JThomas
SE7967 : Langton by DS Pugh
SE8067 : Tennis courts and Langton Hall by Jonathan Thacker
SE7967 : Track near Langton by T  Eyre
SE7867 : Thornthorpe Beck by JThomas
SE8168 : Along Langton Road by DS Pugh
SE8068 : Langton  Road  on  top  of  Langton  Wold by Martin Dawes
SE7967 : Mileage  to  London  213.  pre  motorway! by Martin Dawes
SE8067 : Middle Farm, Langton by Pauline E
SE7967 : St. Andrew, Langton by Stephen Horncastle
SE7968 : Track towards Green Plantation by John Slater
SE7867 : Manor Lane over Thornthorpe Bridge by Matthew Hatton
SE8067 : Boundary wall of Langton Hall and view across the valley of the Langton Beck by Jonathan Thacker
SE7967 : School House, Langton, North Yorkshire by john ashton
SE7968 : Field boundary east of Welham Hill by Phil Catterall
SE8068 : Langton Road by John Martin
SE8067 : Hedge on Cordike Fields by Jonathan Thacker
SE7967 : St  Andrew  Parish  Church  Langton by Martin Dawes
SE8168 : Looking north along Langton Road by Ian S
SE8067 : View  over  Cordike  Fields by Martin Dawes
SE8067 : Cordike Fields by Jonathan Thacker
SE7867 : Minor road towards Norton by JThomas
SE7967 : Milestone  Cottage  Langton by Martin Dawes
SE7968 : Field margin, Sutton Wold by JThomas
SE8068 : Over  fields  on  Langton  Wold by Martin Dawes
SE8067 : Middle Farm on Cordike Lane by Ian S
SE7868 : To Welham Wold Farm by Pauline E
SE7967 : Gateposts at the entrance to Langton Hall by Pauline E
SE7967 : Pig farm north of Langton by John Slater
SE7967 : Langton by Stephen Horncastle
SE8068 : Farmland, Langton Wold by JThomas
SE8067 : East of Langton by Stephen Horncastle
SE8168 : East Wold Farm by JThomas
SE7966 : Wheat crop near Mantledam Bridge by Pauline E
SE7867 : A road junction near Whitegrounds farm by Ian S
SE7968 : Bridleway to Langton by T  Eyre
SE7967 : The entrance to Langton Hall by Ian S
SE7867 : Old Malton Road by DS Pugh
SE7868 : The entrance to Welham Wold Farm by Ian S
SE7868 : Moor Hill by DS Pugh
SE8067 : Cordike Lane by Pauline E
SE8067 : Approaching  Langton  on  Cordike  Lane by Martin Dawes
SE7966 : Langton Beck by JThomas
SE7867 : Thornthorpe Bridge by Matthew Hatton
SE7967 : Church of St Andrew, Langton by JThomas
SE8168 : East Wold Farm by Stephen Horncastle
SE7868 : Crop fields off Welham Hill by Pauline E
SE7967 : Cottages, Langton by Stephen Horncastle
SE7967 : St Andrew's church, Langton - monument to Mary Ingram by Mike Searle
SE7868 : Road View at SE 788687 by Stephen Horncastle

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