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SD6502 : Building at top of Lovers Lane by ray blow
SD6500 : Parsonage Retail Park by Dave Green
SD6500 : Former church on Cook Street by Gerald England
SJ6399 : Plank Lane canal bridge by Gary Rogers
SD6301 : Black-headed Gulls at Bickershaw Lake by David Dixon
SJ6498 : Atherleigh Way/ St Helens Road junction by Colin Pyle
SD6601 : Lilford flood defences by Alex McGregor
SJ6699 : New housing on the Leeds Liverpool Leigh Branch Canal by Raymond Knapman
SJ6699 : The Parish Church of St Thomas with All Saints, Leigh by David Dixon
SJ6499 : Pengy's pond (north) by Carroll Pierce
SD6301 : Bickershaw Higher Hall Small Lake by S Parish
SD6401 : Wigan Road (A578), Westleigh by JThomas
SJ6499 : Giant Woodpecker - Pennington Flash Country Park by David Dixon
SJ6799 : Leigh Spinners, Park lane, Leigh by Chris Allen
SD6700 : Holden Road, Leigh by Dave Green
SJ6499 : Canal footbridge by William Starkey
SJ6599 : Canal crane by SMJ
SD6500 : Housing, Leigh by William Starkey
SJ6699 : Bridgewater Canal, Butts Bridge by David Dixon
SJ6499 : A play area at Pennington Flash by Ian Greig
SJ6499 : Pennington Flash by William Starkey
SJ6499 : Leigh Sports Village by Alexander P Kapp
SD6402 : The high path by Ian Greig
SJ6598 : Leigh Cricket Club - Ground by BatAndBall
SJ6498 : Glaze Brook entering Pennington Flash by Ian Greig
SJ6499 : The lagoon on the Flash by Carroll Pierce
SJ6798 : Prestige property For Sale - cycling distance from Manchester by Ian Greig
SJ6699 : Mather Lane Mill by David Dixon
SD6502 : Home on Wigan Road at Lovers' Lane by Darrin Antrobus
SJ6799 : Leigh Spinners No. 2 mill engine by Chris Allen
SD6400 : Westleigh St Peter's War Memorial by David Dixon
SJ6499 : Pennington Flash by Philip Platt
SD6500 : The Avenue, Leigh by SMJ
SD6500 : George and Dragon, King Street, Leigh by Richard Vince
SJ6698 : Hope Carr Nature Reserve Visitor's Centre by Dave Green
SD6301 : A very big ugly duckling indeed by Ian Greig
SJ6699 : Butts Mill by David Dixon
SJ6699 : Mather Lane Mill by David Dixon
SJ6399 : Leigh Branch at Plank Lane by Carroll Pierce
SJ6399 : Silver birch near the head of Pennington Flash by Ian Greig
SJ6799 : Mill engine by Mervyn weaver
SD6300 : Bickershaw Colliery Slag Heaps by Gary Rogers
SD6400 : Spinners Arms, Firs Lane by Ian S
SJ6499 : From Tom Edmondson's Hide (1) by Carroll Pierce
SD6501 : Red Lion public house, Nel Pan Lane/Westleigh Lane junction by Colin Pyle
SJ6498 : Sunset at Pennington Flash by Sue Adair
SD6500 : Bradshawgate, Leigh by Gary Rogers
SD6601 : Orchard Lane, Leigh by Ian Greig
SJ6799 : Leigh Spinners, Leigh by Chris Allen
SJ6699 : Butts Mill by David Dixon
SD6500 : Leigh Bus Station by ray blow
SJ6399 : Bickershaw Colliery, shortly before closure by David Long
SD6500 : Leigh Library by Day by Dave Green
SD6500 : Parsonage colliery by Chris Allen
SD6500 : Leigh Town Hall by S Parish
SJ6799 : Steam engine, Leigh Spinners. by Chris Allen
SD6700 : Mills in Leigh, 1974 by Chris Denny
SD6502 : St. Paul's Church, Westleigh, on Westleigh Lane by David Long

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