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SH7142 : Cwm Teigl by Ian Medcalf
SH6941 : The view from Llan Ffestiniog viewpoint by Jeff Buck
SH7042 : The A470 leaving Llan Ffestiniog by Jeff Buck
SH6941 : Footpath through forestry above the Afon Cynfal by Jeremy Bolwell
SH7341 : B4391 towards Llan Ffestiniog by Glen Denny
SH7042 : A classic car at Llan Ffestiniog by Eric Jones
SH7341 : B4391 Looking towards Bala from Viewpoint by Christine Matthews
SH7238 : Nant Twll-y-cwm by Ian Medcalf
SH7139 : Fly Tipping near Llan Ffestiniog by Jeff Buck
SH7042 : Lane in the Rain by Barry Hunter
SH7341 : Cwm Cynfal by David Medcalf
SH7139 : Track on Mynydd Maentwrog by Nigel Brown
SH7142 : Gate and field on Y Cefn by Nigel Brown
SH7239 : Llyn Craig-y-tan by John Horner
SH7139 : Mynydd Maentwrog Mountain by Eric Jones
SH7441 : Afon Cynfal by Ian Medcalf
SH7041 : Y Pengwern Community Pub by Arthur C Harris
SH7339 : Llyn y Graig Wen by Ian Medcalf
SH7441 : Pont yr Afon Gam by David Medcalf
SH7041 : The Pengwern, Llan Ffestiniog by Jeff Buck
SH7141 : Footpath heading above Cwm Cynfal by Nigel Brown
SH7042 : Minor Road at Llan Ffestiniog by Ian S
SH7339 : Wildcamp on Graig Wen by John Horner
SH7239 : Mynydd Maentwrog by Ian Medcalf
SH7042 : A470 by Barry Hunter
SH7241 : B4391 approx 3km from Llan Ffestiniog by Ian Warburton
SH7339 : Llyn y Graig-wen by Peter S
SH7441 : Footpath crosses over the B4391 by Ian S
SH7238 : Path to Dolbelydr by Jeff Buck
SH7139 : Fill In The Blank by Jeff Buck
SH7042 : The A470 near Llan Ffestiniog by Jeff Buck
SH7140 : Mwsogl ar wal gerrig / Moss on a stone wall by Ceri Thomas
SH7041 : Y Pengwern, Llan Ffestiniog by Robin Webster
SH7241 : Llan Ffestiniog - 2013 by Helmut Zozmann
SH7142 : Sheep fold beside the B4391 by Philip Halling
SH7239 : Forest fire break by Eric Jones
SH6941 : Footpath down to the B4391 near Llan Ffestiniog by Jeremy Bolwell
SH7142 : Ffestiniog: north north-east to Manod Mawr by Martin Bodman
SH7241 : Old Milepost by Keith Evans
SH7339 : Breached dam wall by John Horner
SH7341 : Car Park at View Point on B4391 by Christine Matthews
SH7238 : Llyn di-enw / Nameless lake by Ian Medcalf
SH7042 : Overlooking Llan Ffestiniog on Christmas Day by Barry Hunter
SH7139 : A belt of open moorland between two blocks of forest by Eric Jones
SH7239 : Foel Fawr by Ian Medcalf
SH7341 : Afon Cynfal near Cwm Farm by David Medcalf
SH6941 : Footpath along Ceunant Cynfal by Barry Hunter
SH7239 : Foel Fawr by Ian Medcalf
SH7042 : Ffestiniog on a wet New Year's Day by Barry Hunter
SH7441 : Afon Cynfal by Philip Halling
SH7040 : Leaky Aqueduct over disused railway by Barry Hunter
SH7040 : Wooden Aqueduct by Barry Hunter
SH7041 : Overgrown trackbed through old Llan Ffestiniog Station by Barry Hunter
SH7042 : No through lane, Llan Ffestiniog, 1.05pm by Barry Hunter
SH7040 : Afon Cynfal Waterfall by Barry Hunter
SH7041 : Ysgol Bro Cynfal, school yard, Ffestiniog by Barry Hunter
SH7041 : Plot where Capel Bethel used to be, Llan Ffestiniog, 10.23am by Barry Hunter

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