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SH9835 : Hair pin bend at Coed Ty'n-y-gwrch by John Firth
SJ0037 : New planted hedgerow by John Haynes
SH9934 : Looking south by David Medcalf
SH9837 : Llandderfel by liz dawson
SJ0037 : This way to Llangollen by Christine Johnstone
SH9934 : Field below the B4391 by Nigel Brown
SH9836 : Magnificent oak tree at Pont-y-Llan by John Haynes
SJ0037 : Redundant railway embankment by John Haynes
SH9936 : Old Milestone by Milestone Society
SH9737 : House at Ty-newydd by John Haynes
SJ0034 : Moorland Track by Edward Williams
SJ0036 : Forest track in Coed Ty'n-y-fron by David Medcalf
SH9836 : Afon Dyfrdwy from the road bridge by John Haynes
SH9937 : Lane back towards Dol-y-gadfa by John Haynes
SH9936 : Bryn-melyn by Anthony Parkes
SH9835 : Forestry track by David Medcalf
SJ0036 : Crogen Hall by Mike White
SH9935 : Bryn-Meredydd farm and radio mast by David Medcalf
SH9835 : Gnarled beech tree, Palé Hall by Eirian Evans
SH9934 : The junction of the bridle-path with the B4391 by David Medcalf
SJ0037 : Good growth in new hedge by John Haynes
SJ0034 : Forestry Gate. by Edward Williams
SH9935 : The minor road leading from the B4391 towards Llandderfel by David Medcalf
SJ0035 : Moorland Boundary. by Edward Williams
SJ0037 : Bluebells on the hillside by Christine Johnstone
SH9835 : Pool in the grounds of Palé Hall by Eirian Evans
SJ0036 : The bridleway (indistinct) near Ty'n-y-pant by David Medcalf
SH9737 : Llyn Maes-y-Clawdd, near Llanderfel, 1993 by Ben Brooksbank
SH9934 : Track off B4391 near Queens Quarry by John Firth
SH9837 : Taking the higher ground by Christine Johnstone
SH9834 : Oak and Willowherb by David Medcalf
SH9737 : Llyn Maes-y-clawdd by David Medcalf
SJ0034 : The indistinct bridleway next to Coed Caban Twm by David Medcalf
SH9937 : Farm steading at Dol-y-gadfa by John Haynes
SJ0036 : Ty'n-y-fron farm and Shepherd's Hut by David Medcalf
SJ0036 : Roadworks on B4401 near Crogen Estate by Anthony Parkes
SH9837 : Bridge, Llandderfel by John Lord
SH9837 : St Derfel's Church, Llandderfel by John Lord
SH9934 : Felled woodland by B4391 by Robin Webster
SH9835 : Looking down on Llandderfel by David Medcalf
SH9737 : Track to Cae-wlf by John Haynes
SH9934 : Cattle grid on the B 4391 by Row17
SH9836 : Pont Fawr, bridge over the River Dee, Llandderfel by John Lord
SH9833 : Track to Ffynnon Cut y Geifr by Edward Williams
SJ0036 : Looking down on the river Dee and the Crogen estate by David Medcalf
SJ0036 : Lodge, Crogen by Eirian Evans
SJ0034 : The track leading to Coed Caban Twm by David Medcalf
SH9735 : Ty Cerrig by liz dawson
SH9934 : View towards Foel Cwm Sian Llŵyd by Nigel Brown
SH9737 : The track to Tyn-y-Bwlch by John Haynes
SJ0035 : Moorland scene. by Edward Williams
SH9836 : Llandderfel by alan fairweather
SJ0037 : Game bird rearing sheds by John Haynes
SJ0036 : Western Entrance to Crogen Estate by Mike White
SH9736 : Tyn-y-ddol farm by David Medcalf
SH9936 : The house at Bryn-melyn by malcolm2505

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