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NS3458 : Barr Castle by wfmillar
NS3659 : Log, Castle Semple Loch by wfmillar
NS3558 : Castle Semole Loch by John Firth
NS3562 : Road to Lochwinnoch by Billy McCrorie
NS3362 : Ruin west of Kaim Dam by Leslie Barrie
NS3558 : Dubbs Water by Billy McCrorie
NS3460 : Linthills Farmland - Lochwinnoch by Raibeart MacAoidh
NS3659 : Rain clouds by wfb
NS3361 : Calder Glen, Muirshiel. by wfmillar
NS3558 : Himalayan Balsam, Lochwinnoch. by wfmillar
NS3358 : Hills Bridge by wfmillar
NS3261 : Old trailer & a view to Misty Law by Leslie Barrie
NS3462 : Kaim Dam by wfmillar
NS3559 : Castle Semple Visitor Centre by Billy McCrorie
NS3556 : Winter Woodside Meadows by wfmillar
NS3559 : High Street, Lochwinnoch by Leslie Barrie
NS3459 : Lochwinnoch Golf Course by Mike Pennington
NS3759 : A737 at Risk by John Firth
NS3260 : Lairdside Hill, looking southeast to Castle Semple Loch by Alan Reid
NS3461 : A powerful dawn near Kaim Dam by Alan Reid
NS3558 : Castle Semple Loch by Billy McCrorie
NS3359 : Dunconnel Hill by Julian Thomas
NS3361 : Turnave Hill by Richard Webb
NS3759 : Field Gate, Mid Risk Farm by wfmillar
NS3261 : Muirshiel Regional  Park by wfmillar
NS3261 : Old Trailer by Raibeart MacAoidh
NS3558 : Lochwinnoch by wfmillar
NS3558 : Swan at Dubbs Water by Billy McCrorie
NS3360 : Muirfauldhouse by Leslie Barrie
NS3558 : Lochwinnoch RSPB Nature Reserve. by wfmillar
NS3460 : Milepost to Muirshiel by Gordon Dowie
NS3561 : Personalised Plate by wfmillar
NS3558 : Lochwinnoch Parish Church by david cameron photographer
NS3562 : Woodland & old track at Artnocks by Leslie Barrie
NS3358 : Westhills Farm by wfmillar
NS3159 : Ruin south of Lairdside Hill by Leslie Barrie
NS3159 : Track east of the Maich Water by Leslie Barrie
NS3758 : Belltrees by Richard Webb
NS3460 : Grazing, Calder valley by wfmillar
NS3558 : Calder Bridge by Billy McCrorie
NS3462 : End Wood by wfmillar
NS3457 : Leaving railway bridge at Hole by John Firth
NS3562 : Howwood Road by wfmillar
NS3258 : Slimy Beech Tuft by wfmillar
NS3260 : Sheepfold south of Lairdside Hill by Leslie Barrie
NS3657 : A737 south from Roadhead roundabout by John Firth
NS3459 : Sculptured Stone, Lochwinnoch Cemetery by wfmillar
NS3658 : View across Castle Semple Loch by John Firth
NS3562 : Howwood road junction by william craig
NS3260 : Turnave Hill - Lochwinnoch by Raibeart MacAoidh
NS3459 : Waterfall Calder Glen Lochwinnoch by wfb
NS3258 : Maich Fishery by wfmillar
NS3659 : Fishing Platform, Castle Semple Loch by wfmillar
NS3559 : Castle Semple Loch, Lochwinnoch. by Johnny Durnan
NS3459 : Woodland Burial Site, Lochwinnoch by wfmillar
NS3559 : Lochwinnoch by Richard Webb
NS3459 : Lochwinnoch Primary School by Chris Court
NS3559 : Masonic Lodge, Lochwinnoch, Scotland. by Jim Campbell

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